Sénatoriales : Olivier Monteil candidat pour le RN

l’essentiel Olivier Monteil, le secrétaire du RN 65, et conseiller régional d’Occitanie, est candidat à l’élection sénatoriale. Pour faire avancer les valeurs défendues par le parti mariniste, et montrer aux maires que des solutions existent. 

« We are well aware that this election is not particularly favorable to us, » says Olivier Monteil, the leader of RN 65, « but our guiding principle is to be present in all elections. » This strategy aims to prolong the popular support enjoyed by the RN. « We saw it in previous elections, in the presidential election, Marine Le Pen gathered 44% of the votes in the department, and now we have 88 deputies in the National Assembly. This is proof that our proposals resonate, and we hope that this will also be reflected among the grand electors. » Just as a reminder, in 2017, Olivier Monteil received 12 votes. « The objective is to obtain more, we hope that mayors will follow the momentum initiated by the population. » With the support of Jordan Bardella, Marine Le Pen, and party executives.

Je ne peux pas reformuler.

And for this, Olivier Monteil sends a simple message: « Like mayors, Sylvie Boulin, who is my replacement, and myself are local elected officials, she is the 1st deputy in Arrodets-ez-Angles, I am a regional councilor, we know their concerns. The main idea is first to make the Senate a true counter-power. And then, for mayors, it’s an opportunity to punish Mr. Macron, whose policy towards local authorities is disastrous: by removing all their means, through the disappearance of the CVAE and the housing tax, he deprives them of 46 billion euros. And at the same time, the DGF, which allows municipalities to survive, has only increased by 1%, while inflation is at 7%. It’s time to say stop to all of this. And rural mayors can only rely on us to reverse the trend, that is, to give power and real freedom of action back to mayors, in other words, allow them to regain control over daily issues that have been taken over by community associations. We are thinking, for example, of financial autonomy, but also of authority and security in their territory, by having a say in the placement of immigrants. »