Strasbourg – MHSC: « A selection of referees and VAR personnel, » Der Zakarian angry after the draw in Alsace.

The coach of Montpellier was upset after his team’s draw against Strasbourg (2-2) on Sunday, September 17. He expressed his frustration towards the referees, the VAR, and his players.

Michel Der Zakarian (entraîneur de Montpellier) : 

« I cannot reword »

Après on a fait une très bonne 1re  mi-temps où on aurait pu scorer plus. Et en 2eère période, mais on a perdu le contrôle dans la seconde période à cause de la tempête. C’est ce qui me dérange.reans, il est devenu ennuyeux et répétitif.eThere was nothing left. We were no longer winning any duels.

If I speak, I will say things that are not good… I had told them to keep playing, to make them run, which we were doing very well. The game was not over. We had seen other games, it had happened to us… We had to keep going. We’re not going to throw everything away. But we have to win this game. He made wise changes. We have to exist differently.

These are choices against us. When it’s against you, you’re always disappointed. But we could have also lost this match 3-2. That’s what makes me furious. The referee says that VAR calls him to signal the handball. Not the foul. When there’s a goal, he reviews the footage, then their bench talked, that also influences.

La fébrilité, je me l’explique. Mais ça reste avec mes joueurs. Il y a de tout, du collectif et de l’individuel. On a perdu beaucoup de duels, on a fait des erreurs sur nos choix de jeu, dans la tenue de ballon. Tout l’inverse de la 1re mi-temps. »