Sweden: collapse of a highway spanning over a hundred meters.

Vue d’une partie de l’autoroute qui s’est effondrée près de Stenungsund, dans l’ouest de la Suède, samedi 23 septembre 2023.

The authorities and police have reported that a section of European Route 6, which connects Trelleborg, Sweden to Kirkenes, Norway via Oslo, collapsed on Saturday, September 23rd, near Göteborg in southwestern Sweden.

The landslide that occurred shortly before 2 am « affected about ten vehicles, a forest area, and a commercial area including a gas station and a fast-food restaurant, » said Daniel Lyckelid, an emergency services official in the Gothenburg region, in a statement. The most affected area covers an area of 100 meters by 150 meters, but in total, the landslide extends over an area of approximately 700 meters by 200 meters, emergency services have specified.

Three individuals were taken to the hospital for « minor injuries » following the collapse, which occurred in Stenungsund (📍), 50 km north of Gothenburg, according to police spokesperson August Brandt.

Il faudra prévoir plusieurs semaines de travaux.

Les images des médias locaux montrent une large brèche courant sur plus d’une centaine de mètres, avec plusieurs camions endommagés et inclinés tandis qu’un bus s’est enfoncé dans un trou. D’importantes fissures lézardent le parking d’une station-service et le toit du restaurant rapide Burger King voisin s’est en partie effondré. Une zone boisée s’est, elle, fortement affaissée.

A preliminary investigation for « aggravated public destruction » has been opened and investigators will question the staff at a nearby construction site where explosions occurred, the police announced in a statement. « It is not certain whether there is a link between the blasting, the work on the site, and the collapse, » the police added.

According to the authorities, the possibility of further landslides cannot be ruled out at this point. The Swedish National Transport Administration anticipates that this section of the E6 highway will remain closed for several weeks.

Le Monde avec AFP

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