TFC : « Ça ne sera pas grand-chose ! » Combien Toulouse peut-il toucher grâce à la Ligue Europa ?

l’essentielThe TFC will be able to benefit from a portion of the money allocated by UEFA to the Europa League, even though the budget is much lower than that of the Champions League.

« If I tell you that we have already prepared everything, you will think I’m crazy, » Damien Comolli joked in the corridors of the Stade de France, a few minutes after TFC’s victory in the Cup last season. The president had just been questioned in the mixed zone about what qualifying for the Europa League would change for the Toulouse club. The European competition will add to the players’ schedule in terms of sports, but it will also change things for the club’s accounting department. Because a new competition means, inevitably, a potential influx of money. « Our financial director has looked at how much this could bring us, » he continued on May 29th. « It won’t be much, but hey, it’s better than a kick in the butt, » declared the strongman of the Violets, on cloud nine after his team’s performance.

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Une prime de participation de 3,6 M€

On Thursday, the European Cup will become a reality and the financial benefits, while not staggering, still exist. In total, UEFA allocates a budget of just under 500 million euros as a prize, which will be received by all teams that participated in the competition, according to the specialized website Sportune. TFC will be guaranteed to receive the amount of 3.63 million euros as a participation prize, like all the other teams involved.

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In addition to this, there are what could be called performance bonuses: €630,000 for each victory and €210,000 for a draw during the group stage. In the event of qualification, the top two teams from each group are eligible for an additional reward (€1.1 million for the 1st place, €550,000 for the 2nd place). Each win in the knockout stage also entitles the team to another payment (€1.2 million in the round of 16 and up to €4 million in case of victory in the final). Lastly, it is worth mentioning that there is a bonus based on each club’s UEFA coefficient and a bonus resulting from TV rights.

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Without mentioning ticket sales and other revenues. We are certainly far from the amounts that Lens and Paris-SG will receive by participating in the Champions League (over 2 billion euros are dedicated to the prestigious competition), but TFC will not refuse the future payment that UEFA will give them.