The construction for the Argoulets skatepark in Toulouse will begin in early 2024.

l’essentielSkateboarding enthusiasts, mark your calendars! Construction of the skatepark in the Argoulets neighborhood will commence in early 2024 and will last for six months.

It all starts with a request from two young brothers to the city hall of Toulouse to renovate the skatepark in the Argoulets neighborhood. With the help of Aurélien Machu, a prominent skateboarder from the Pink City, and Consorcium Skate 31, a group of different skateboard associations in Toulouse, the metropolis envisions a space consisting of a 895 m² skatepark and a 600 m² pump track, with a budget of €496,000.

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« I cannot reword »

Un partenariat avec les associations

Skateboarding enthusiasts were therefore approached by the metropolis as part of this project. « We were regularly consulted on the plans for the skatepark so that we could give our opinion. It was a process of participation and consultation, » explains a member of Consorcium Skate 31.

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« The Argoulets is a privileged location for skateboarding. Creating a space that combines a pump track and a skatepark allows for starting from one place and exploring various areas. » « Fortunately, more and more municipalities are choosing to listen to relevant associations and practitioners in order to define needs and oversee the project, which has enabled them to collaborate with experts who truly understand the subject, » writes Consorcium Skate 31.

Aurélien Machu expresses disappointment over the new project’s lack of round rails, which are crucial for Olympic preparation.

Nine other skatepark facilities in Toulouse are already attracting enthusiasts and professionals.