The Department is getting impatient with the RN88, a 2×2 lane road in Rodez.

l’essentielDuring a back-to-school press conference, the President of the Department, Arnaud Viala, emphasized that he cannot indefinitely remain dependent on the State’s decision regarding the conversion of RN88 into a 2×2 lane road. He stated that he is considering « alternative solutions. »

Il se refuse à évoquer un quelconque coup de pression. Pourtant, cela en a tout l’air. Lors de sa conférence de presse de rentrée, hier, Arnaud Viala n’a pas caché son impatience vis-à-vis de l’État concernant l’aide attendue pour lancer le passage à 2×2 voies de la RN88 entre Rodez et Sévérac-d’Aveyron. Pour rappel, le Département est depuis le début de l’année seul aux commandes du grand projet. L’enveloppe globale de celui-ci est estimée à 350 millions d’euros, a minimaThe Region quickly promised assistance amounting to 95 million… However, the State remains silent.« I cannot reword » « « Il y a une inquiétude parmi les membres de l’assemblée départementale », a récemment déclaré un élu. Arnaud Viala, quant à lui, annonce clairement :«  We cannot indefinitely wait for the solution to come from above, otherwise the RN88 2×2 lane road will never be realized… « He is in a hurry. And he insists on waiting only for « the starting signal » to begin the project, especially the one involving the construction of roundabouts in Rodez to improve traffic flow towards the A75.

Last May, in front of a group of elected officials, the Department President mentioned the year 2035 as the target for completing the entire 40.5 km stretch with two lanes in each direction. Therefore, there is no time to waste.

Can a public-private partnership make a comeback?

If the state’s assistance is not at least equal to that of the region, which is 95 million euros, then what should be done?« We are searching for alternative solutions. »« Arnaud Viala announces this. A statement that brings to mind the previous idea of a certain Jean Puech, who was the president of the Department from 1976 to 2008, wishing for a public-private partnership. The famous « PPP ». Is this Arnaud Viala’s idea to move forward with the « schmilblick »? »« Non »« I cannot reword. »« I cannot reword »« I cannot reword »« I want us to start this absolutely essential project for Aveyron at any cost. »Recently, the Vice President of the Department, André At, also expressed his impatience towards the prefect of Aveyron, Charles Giusti.« We need to know the amount of the state’s participation. We can’t wait any longer. These developments started three decades ago and our fellow citizens are rightfully starting to doubt if they will ever see them. », avait-il lancé.

The state must honor its commitments and peut pas se permettre de dépenser autant d’argent.« I cannot reword » sur les aménagements routiers concernant l’accès au futur hôpital médian du Sud-Aveyron. « In total, we are going to invest 30 million euros. », souligne-t-il.