The director general of services is leaving his position in Laroque-d’Olmes.

After many years of collaboration as the general manager of services at the town hall of Laroque-d’Olmes, Jean-François Nicolaud is leaving. Not for retirement, but for another activity.

He will be joining a new local team, in a position that aligns better with his professional and personal aspirations.

Jean-François Nicolaud est arrivé à Laroqu- d’Olmes en 2010, sous le mandat de Christian Poma, après avoir occupé des fonctions de chargé de mission, ou de directeur, au sein de communautés de communes dans la Creuse, Rhône-Valloire et Dordogne.

He has been noticed for his ability to solve problems, such as toxic loans, photocopiers, the very fragile financial management of the municipality, internal service reorganization, implementation of various reforms, and the compliance scheme of the municipality…

In 2015, Jean-François Nicolaud leaves Laroque-d’Olmes for Aude, where he joins the Carcassonne community of municipalities, before returning there in 2019.

For four years, he demonstrated his professionalism, creativity, and solidarity every day. Before his departure, the mayor, Patrick Laffont, expressed his gratitude for the unforgettable moments they experienced together, « enriching experiences, stimulating challenges. » « Jean-François is not just a colleague, but a friend, a man of partnership and dialogue, humane. I will never forget the projects we accomplished together, the successes we achieved, but also the difficulties we faced. »