The government has summoned Babilou, People & Baby, and the other four groups implicated in the mistreatment in private daycare centers.

The government will summon the four major private daycare groups implicated in two investigative books released this week, which denounce misconduct and mistreatment.

Deux livres consécutifs, les deux portants sur les crèches privées, comme un pavé dans la mare cette semaine, et qui poussent le gouvernement à prendre la parole sur ce sujet sensible. Invitée ce dimanche 10 septembre du « Grand Rendez-vous » d’Europe 1 et CNews, Aurore Bergé, ministre des Solidarités et des Familles, a indiqué que les quatre groupes évoqués dans les livres Babyzness et Le Prix du berceau, seraient convoqués. 

In their book « The Price of the Cradle, » which was published on Friday, September 8th, Daphné Gastaldi and Mathieu Périsse specifically criticize the practices employed by these companies. These practices include rationing meal portions, timed care, as well as the practice of « overbooking. »

« Je veux comprendre »

Therefore, the minister ensures that the representatives of Babilou, Les petits chaperons rouges, People & Baby, and La maison bleue will be summoned to her office because she wants to understand concretely what happened and, above all, she wants to have their commitments.

« I cannot reword »

On Thursday, September 7th, during an interview with BFM, Aurore Bergé discussed a set of measures and increased controls to better regulate the care of children in private nurseries and improve working conditions in these facilities.