The main team of EAB is regaining strength in rugby.

The headline. After the failure against Cahors in Mirande, the men of Ph. Decotte, S. Salvi, and S. Clavé made a magnificent comeback on the field of the Plateau Alliance. They started off strong with 2 tries in 5 minutes, with the blue and black pack pushing Adelaide into the try zone. However, the rest of the match was not as easy, with Mr. Ducourt blowing the whistle frequently, resulting in 32 penalties and 12 free kicks. In this game, the USEP kicker not only reduced the score but also allowed his team to take the lead 15 minutes before the final whistle. This time, the bench, which had been weak against Cahors, learned its lesson and two tries from Peotta and Lalaque made the difference. This bonus victory gives them confidence for the upcoming match against Ariège.

Next Sunday, at the Lousteau festival, there will be a delicious prime rib at noon, followed by a hearty but often hard-to-digest dish: the reception of the Sporting Club de Saint-Girons at 3:30 pm. The curtain will rise at 2 pm with the hopes of both teams. The Esmérits, who were strongly present and vocal in Séron, are expected to be even more numerous and motivated.

Stage cadets-juniors. Sous l’égide de leurs staffs respectifs au grand complet, les jeunes astaracais se sont regroupés, samedi, toute la journée, sur les terrains de Miélan. Éducateurs, encadrants et, bien sûr, joueurs nombreux et motivés étaient présents. La collation du midi a été préparée avec professionnalisme par la formidable équipe des cuisines. Cadets et juniors attendent, avec impatience, la composition de leurs poules respectives.

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