The majority is called upon to unite before the parliamentary session begins.

l’essentiel Députés et sénateurs MoDem, Renaissance et Horizons se retrouveront successivement pour leurs journées parlementaires cette semaine, sous l’égide de la Première ministre Elisabeth Borne.

As the first ambitions for Emmanuel Macron’s succession in 2027 emerge, unwavering solidarity among the three components of the majority will be essential to tackle the challenging debates on immigration or the Budget. This is the creed emphasized by Matignon, as MoDem, Renaissance, and Horizons parliamentarians gather this week.

During the MoDem conference, which started yesterday in La Roche-Posay (Vienne), the Finance Bill (PLF) will be discussed with the relevant ministers. The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, is expected to speak this afternoon to defend his immigration project, while the Prime Minister will have a conversation tomorrow morning with the President of the MoDem group in the Assembly, Jean-Paul Mattei.

On Wednesday, the parliamentary days of Renaissance, the Macronist party, will begin in Louan-Villegruis-Fontaine (Seine-et-Marne). These days will consist of three plenary sessions on the topics of the Nation, artificial intelligence, and Europe, and will be concluded by Elisabet Borne on Thursday afternoon. At the same time, Horizons – whose party is also starting its new term – will begin with a roundtable discussion on education. Its president, former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, and the ever-present tenant of Matignon will conclude the debates on Friday afternoon.

Barbecue et karaoké

For the parliamentarians of the three majority parties, the challenge is to get back on track after the summer break and a beginning of September spent in their constituencies. Sylvain Maillard became the president of the Renaissance group after Aurore Bergé’s appointment to the government in July, and he will have the opportunity to gather his troops for the first time. The presidential party will fully embrace team building activities such as barbecues and karaoke to promote group cohesion, according to a party official.

On the side of the MoDem, François Bayrou’s party, the objective is also to « convey (its) messages and (its) proposals », particularly regarding the budget bill. The MoDem intends to advocate for strong measures concerning housing in favor of the budget bill, and does not exclude the possibility of battling again over the taxation of superdividends. However, it is also about putting the majority’s proposals into action before the examination of bills on which they may not necessarily agree, and on which they will have to face « creative » oppositions, as described by a government advisor.

Litanie de « 49.3 » à venir

« I cannot reword »

This could also be the case with the immigration bill, on which the government is struggling to find a majority, trying to appeal to a part of the right at the risk of upsetting its left wing. The latter has participated in the drafting of a statement, which is expected to be published early next week, advocating for the regularization of undocumented workers, with a range of signatories from MoDem to Nupes.

Finally, as a common thread in the three events, the Prime Minister will strive to reaffirm her authority and promote her call for « unity, coherence, and solidarity » within the majority, at a time when several prominent figures are already campaigning for 2027. « The Prime Minister has had this mission for a year, to maintain a united majority. We have complex texts ahead of us, the PLF and the PLFSS (Social Security Finance Bill) […] We will need to stand united, » emphasizes her entourage.