The mayor from the Insoumis party was attacked in broad daylight near Montpellier: « They threatened me because I am a friend of Arabs. »

The mayor of Grabels and vice-president of the Montpellier Metropolis was assaulted by two individuals as he was returning from the protest against police violence on Saturday in Montpellier.

Shocked, René Revol decided to speak out on X (formerly Twitter) this Sunday morning. « Yesterday, Saturday, when I was returning home from the protest in Montpellier, I was stopped by two individuals who cornered me against a wall, threatened me as a ‘friend of Arabs,’ and before leaving, they warned me that I had something coming. »

Contacté par Midi Libre, ce dimanche, l’élu confirmait les faits. « Je revenais de la manifestation, j’étais dans une petite rue et je m’apprêtais à prendre le tramway quand ces personnes m’ont interpellé et m’ont empêché physiquement. L’un des deux me tenait par les bras et me bloquait contre un mur. Mon écharpe d’élu était dans ma poche, je leur ai demandé s’ils savaient qui j’étais. Ils m’ont répondu : « t’inquiète on sait ce qu’on fait. » 

Hier samedi, en revenant de la manifestation à Montpellier pour rentrer à mon domicile, j’ai été immobilisé par deux individus m’ont bloqué contre un mur, m’ont menacé comme « ami des Arabes », et avant de partir m’ont déclaré que je ne perdais rien pour attendre. N’ayant pas été…

— René Revol (@RevolRene) September 24, 2023

If the elected representative from the Insoumis party tried to engage in dialogue rather than using force to resolve this situation, he ultimately only received insults. « They threatened me as a friend of Arabs, » he confirms to Midi Libre. Although he was not injured during this attack, René Reveol remains deeply shocked and outraged. « It didn’t last long, but I was very scared. » He will file a complaint as early as Monday morning.

« L’agression de trop »

« I cannot reword »

« I cannot reword »

Two complaints were filed at the time of the incidents. One in civil court for « public insults » and the second in criminal court for « death threats ». The investigation is ongoing.

« Une volonté d’intimidation »

René Revol refuses to give up. « This assault is unacceptable, and this attempt at intimidation will not make us waver in our determination to defend rights and justice, against racism and police violence. I will continue to advocate for human rights for all, including dignified reception for refugees. I thank everyone who has shown their support. I call on the state authorities to take all necessary measures to prevent such assaults from happening again. »

Since the publication of his tweet, the elected official has received a great deal of support, particularly from politicians of all affiliations.

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