The mayor of Villebrumier is back and reveals upcoming plans.

l’essentielOn Tuesday, September 12th, Pierre Blanc hosted us for an overview of current events and community projects, including the school.

Pierre Blanc, maire, avait ouvert les portes de sa propriété ce vendredi 8 septembre pour un repas commun, élus et agents de la mairie. Venus avec conjoints et enfants, ils étaient une cinquantaine pour marquer la cohésion toujours nécessaire pour une équipe gagnante. Ce que les Bleus ont également démontré face aux All-Blacks sur le grand écran mis en place en bout de tablée pour suivre ce match d’ouverture de la coupe du Monde de rugby.

Conseil municipal le lundi

Since last weekend, with the 8th Foulée de Villebrumier on Sunday, the municipal council met on Monday evening. During the third deliberation on the remuneration of teachers to provide homework assistance, the debates were intense. When asked about substituting for the National Education system, the answer was ultimately « yes », by majority vote, and will cost 2,500 euros to the municipality. The mayor takes responsibility, as their top priority is the school, and an assessment will be conducted in June 2024.

Then, the reports on water and sanitation were approved, providing an opportunity to highlight the current cleaning of the wastewater treatment plant. This project began with the trimming of reeds by the company Kleitz for 1,500€, followed by a three-day cleaning by the company Alliance Environnement. This operation takes place every fifteen years and costs 47,000€, the price of purified water. The focus is now on expanding the plant due to population growth.

De nombreuses perspectives

The overview is full of projects and construction sites. Municipal employees will have on their agenda the renovation of a housing unit in Pastel and the complete development of the former medical-social center. This facility will be dedicated to associations, especially Yaka jouer, the after-school program, which will thus free up the mayor’s office that it has been occupying for many months.

Some less visible projects include the completion of the public lighting campaign with LED lamps, which will generate €6,000/year in savings for the municipality. There are also some major projects, such as the 100 m² extension of the medical center starting in early 2024. The launch of the emergency center, coordinated and monitored by the SDIS (departmental fire and rescue service), will leave a lasting impression.

In the near future, there is ongoing discussion with an architectural firm regarding the creation of a new central kitchen. The soil study eliminates the need for underground piles, but the feasibility of an investment of around 600,000€ will be central to the final decisions.

Tout cela dans un village épargné par la délinquance et l’insécurité, ce qu’a démontré le rapport présenté il y a quelques mois par la gendarmerie nationale.