The PCF is presenting two candidates for the Senatorial elections.

l’essentielThey had not made any noise until now, perhaps hoping for a joint candidacy with the Nupes. She did not come, so the PCF is going into battle. As usual, in this election.

After addressing the issue of the Nupes (see box), Hervé Charles, the head of PCF 65, wanted to refocus the debate on the philosophy of his candidacy (with Nathalie Dannfald) and that of Annie Baylac (with Alexis Bonnargent). « First of all, we have always presented candidates for the senatorial elections, the Senate is important, laws are voted on there, and it is also an election where elected officials can express themselves and show what political choices they want. » And he added: « And let’s not forget that we have a good network of elected officials, 12 mayors, 1 regional councilor, 2 county councilors. » In other words, they will vote. And the PCF candidates do not despair of attracting a few more…

Le service public en avant

With valid arguments. « Since it is an election for elected officials, we present elected officials. I am one in Tarbes, Annie is a municipal councilor in Séméac, Nathalie is a deputy in Lafitole, and Alexis is the mayor of Vidouze. We know and understand the problems that mayors encounter. For us, the essential fight is the defense of public service in all its forms: healthcare, education, and everything that constitutes the framework of a community like a municipality. However, for years, there has been an attempt to undermine municipalities by cutting their resources. Yet, they should remain the basic elements of our democracy. Today, they no longer have the means to function properly, so it is urgent to index the DGF to inflation. »

No single hospital!

Because fewer resources means less public service. And the same goes for healthcare. Of all the candidates, I note in passing that we are the only ones presenting two pairs, we are also the only ones fiercely against this costly project that will weaken the healthcare provision. We prefer to support municipalities that have healthcare center projects to eliminate medical deserts.

L’urgence sociale est là

For Annie Baylac, the Senate (which includes a group of 15 very active communist senators), it is necessary to go further in terms of helping the people. « We can see, for example, that the local public service is forgotten, yet it is crucial for everyone’s daily life, especially for the most disadvantaged. » Shall we continue? « There is a disdain from this government towards everything that represents the people, including and perhaps especially, the elected officials, who have never been treated so poorly, » adds Alexis Bonnargent. « This contributes to the current social tension. » And Nathalie Dannfald drives the point home: « Mayors no longer have power, we need to give them resources, many of them are discouraged. Doing nothing is paving the way for the National Rally, including in rural areas. »