There have been new resignations from the municipal council of Cazères… and a new election will take place before Christmas.

l’essentielNew resignations in the municipal council: Daniel Grimaldi leaves the majority and the opposition withdraws. This time, the people of Cazères will not escape it: they will have to vote again.

In Cazères, the ballot boxes are never put away! The residents had elected their municipal council in March 2020, just like everyone else in France. They were then invited to « replay » the vote in September 2021, and they will do so again before the end of this year 2023.

La valse des conseillers

Since the beginning of his term, Jean-Luc Rivière’s team has gradually lost several of its members. Today, it is Daniel Grimaldi who is throwing in the towel, citing a « careful consideration. »

He had already considered resigning in the past, but this time he followed through. The elected official informed the mayor through a letter deposited at the town hall reception, confirmed it via email, and sent a letter with a proof of delivery.

Après neuf mois de pause – une gestation ! – la valse des démissions a donc repris (Le « calendrier » de la valse est ici): dans la foulée de Daniel Grimaldi, cinq conseillers de l’opposition1 ont également déclaré forfait.

Therefore, 12 majority advisors have left the ship, while 17 still remain on board (out of 21 available seats).

In the beginning, under Ahmed Hamadi’s leadership, the opposition initially chose to « observe the majority tearing itself apart » before getting involved. Out of the 29 potential candidates, 23 had already resigned or announced their refusal to take a seat; they are now followed by five more departures. Only one candidate remains (for 6 seats).

Soit un conseil municipal composé de 18 membres, sur 27 sièges disponibles.

Le combat cessa faute de combattant

18 sur 27 : c’est insuffisant pour continuer à gouverner. La loi prévoit que si un tiers des sièges ne sont pas occupés, il convient de procéder à une nouvelle élection, dans un délai de trois mois.

Due to a lack of fighters, the battle comes to an end. At least this particular battle, as another one will soon begin through a new municipal campaign – the 3rd in three and a half years.

Meet up before Christmas.

Jean-Luc Rivière stated that they did not tolerate the change in power.

« I cannot reword »

The mayor of Cazères expresses disappointment that his opponents did not « support democratic voting and change. »

And he begins the campaign by reminding that he and his team have already fulfilled their three main campaign promises, including « the reopening of the swimming pool and over 5000 entries this year »; the « collection of green waste »; and the « reduction of taxation » with a one-point decrease in property tax – a measure that « will be maintained until 2026, » he declares.

« Obviously », he will be a candidate again, to continue ongoing or upcoming projects (« river and stream festival », « weekly cultural activities » or other works…).

Feeling confident as the election approaches, he adds: « We have worked, we are still working. The people of Cazères know it and see it. »

1 :Les cinq démissionnaires de la majorité sont Marie-Ange Drief, Xavier Roussel, Pierre Lanfranchi, Raymond Defis et Ahmed Hamadi.