Tilhouse. A bustling village.

Tilhouse is gradually regaining its liveliness, which was put on hold like many others during the Covid period. However, the determined team of the Municipal Council was determined to reconnect with the residents’ sense of community and gathering. Therefore, the local festival provided an opportunity to bring the population together in the pleasant space of the Town Hall courtyard, which was nicely arranged for this occasion.

On September 16th, on the occasion of Heritage Day, with the theme of « the living », Danielle Montariol, author of the book « Hélène’s Tears », a moving narrative supported by numerous archival documents about the crimes committed by three resistance fighters, a mother and her baby, and the burning of 11 houses on June 29th, 1944, by the German army. Danielle Montariol will lead discussions on this tragic episode. Tilhouse is a martyr village, and our present interlocutors couldn’t help but express their emotions while recounting the stories and testimonies of their elders.

Next, Sophie Maillé from the NEO association (Nature En Occitanie) will present the ancient forests of Tilhouse at 10 o’clock.

Also, visit wetlands and moors of the heathland with Caroline Fillet (wetland technical assistant of the central Pyrenees) at 10 am and 2 pm.

Tilhouse, c’est aussi cette année les travaux de sécurisation de l’entrée du village au quartier de la Pradiole afin de ralentir les véhicules. C’est avec le CAUE, la DAC et l’entreprise Dastugue qu’ont été effectués les travaux. Il sera aménagé un cheminement piéton et une végétalisation avec des plantes endémiques.

Furthermore, the communal safeguard plan is currently being developed with the intention of implementing a population alert system.

Similarly, a project is also submitted to WWF, as part of the Nature Impact Fund, in order to receive payment for environmental services, with the aim of changing the mode of forest exploitation. This project is being developed in partnership with ONF and Nature En Occitanie, with a focus on environmental concerns.

Finally, like every year, around mid-October, the second Citizen Cleaning Day will take place in the village, where the focus will be on cleaning the cemetery. These days, similar to « chores, » were initiated by hunters as part of the path cleaning effort. It is a wonderful initiative that brings the community together, and the residents are appropriately rewarded with a festive gathering organized by the Town Hall, creating a warm atmosphere.