Tribunal d’Alès : le maire de Laval-Pradel et son opposant renvoyés dos à dos

Ludovic Bouix accusait Joseph Barba de commettre des actes de vandalisme mineurs.

The case judged on Monday morning only fell under the jurisdiction of the police court. This did not deter each faction from rallying its supporters, resulting in the courtroom being too small to accommodate the public. Uncommonly, a significant police presence was deployed to secure the tribunal. The subject of today’s hearing? Alleged damages caused by the mayor of the municipality, Joseph Barba, to the car of local political troublemaker, Ludovic Bouix.

Un procès lié au dossier des déchets plastiques

Dès l’ouverture des débats, la présidente de l’audience prévient : « ci, c’est un tribunal de police et rien d’autre. Il n’y aura aucun commentaire, ni propos déplacés. Ce dossier s’inscrit dans un contexte politique qui génère des écrits, des commentaires, toute une série de litiges. »

On July 7, 2022, while distributing a leaflet denouncing the handling of the plastic waste case by the company Soreplast (soon to be retried by the administrative court of appeal in Toulouse, Editor’s note), Ludovic Bouix was blocked by the mayor in his 4×4. The tension reportedly escalated between the two men. The opponent alleges that a blow was struck on the side of his car door with a stick.

Joseph Barba, while at the courtroom, completely denies the allegations and accuses the opposing party of engaging in political maneuvering.« Il s’agit d’une position en vue des élections municipales de 2026. Je reconnais qu’il y a eu un désaccord, oui. Cependant, il n’y a pas eu de violence. J’ai exercé quatre mandats, dont deux en tant que maire. J’ai la confiance des résidents de Laval-Pradel. »

Clearly moved, Ludovic Bouix stands by his statements.I was very shocked. He pulled out a 60 cm club and hit my car. I had trouble sleeping for several days. It was a friend who drove me to the police station to file a complaint.

A political matter far from being closed.

« À Laval-Pradel, on n’accepte pas son expression,I am Euria Thomasian, an advocate for Ludovic Bouix.I have multiple testimonies from people who saw him after his assault. Even his coworkers note an emotional shock. He faces pressure as an elected official, but today we are not here to discuss politics but rather acts of vandalism. On the other side of the aisle, they will talk about defamation, but in this case, why not take legal action? »

François Schneider pour le ministère public « I defer to it. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but from a legal standpoint, there is nothing in the file. »

Conseil de Joseph Barba, le bâtonnier Tria, soutient une relaxe : « The plaintiff is using the justice system to launch his campaign for the municipal elections. He only reveals falsehoods. This case conveniently arises to kickstart a campaign. Ludovic Bouix may not necessarily seek a conviction, but is content with sowing confusion. He will use this trial to portray himself as a victim. We must restore the honor of a mayor who acted within the scope of his duties. One does not throw leaflets on public roads and does not display them just anywhere. »

Après avoir discuté de la question, le tribunal a décidé de ne pas condamner. « au bénéfice du doute. Il n’y a pas de témoin, ni de preuves matérielles. Les parties civiles sont déboutées de leurs demandes. »

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