Une visite guidée du musée pour le député Sylvain Carrière

On Thursday, September 7th, the deputy of the eighth district of Hérault, Sylvain Carrière, visited the renowned exhibition « All about the tintaine » at the municipal museum of Frontignan. This exhibition, which has been on display since April, brings together period costumes, boats, and other objects from the world of jousting, as well as the collection of shields from the winners of the July 14th tournament since 1881.

Je ne peux pas reformuler.

Throughout the summer, jousting enthusiasts frequently encountered the deputy, who attended numerous tournaments in Frontignan, never missing the traditional July 14th tournament, and even joining the blue-bellied supporters’ stand for Saint-Louis.

Sylvain Carrière, who is particularly interested in the history of his region and the traditions associated with it, was able to enhance his knowledge of jousting through a guided tour and commentary by Sylvio Cuciniello, a jousting champion from Frontignan who is responsible for this exhibition. Cuciniello remains to this day the last Frontignanais to have won the Grand Prix de la Saint-Louis in 2016. The two men had a lengthy exchange throughout the hour and a half visit, while tracing the history and significant milestones of this local and popular sport. It was a moment filled with rich discussions about this tradition that is so steeped in history.

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