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Les athlètes ont pu disputer une manche entre Port-Camargue et Carnon, samedi 16 septembre.

The organizing team of the Carnon Wing foil Event, consisting of 50 volunteers and employees, was prepared to face the wind and sea while navigating between the orange alert and the red alert, which signaled the end of the day on the water just minutes before a possible second race could be held.

But there was a great show and world leaders held their positions on a superb downwind from Port Camargue to Carnon in less than 30 minutes for the fastest ones. The showers and strong gusts did not dampen their spirits once on land.

Sunday will have better conditions.

The younger and less experienced individuals were able to explore a water course closer to the coast, which held a few surprises for some. However, once back on land, everyone was pleased with this experience.

Tomorrow, the weather conditions will be more favorable and will likely allow for two downwind runs with a finish in the Carnon harbor. This will provide a unique opportunity to see the champions up close as they exit the water at the Marcel-Buffet nautical base, which is a rare and accessible sight.

Galéa en tête chez les hommes, Artzner chez les femmes

75 inscrits pour cette deuxième édition du Carnon Wingfoil Event avec la présence des meilleurs mondiaux. Ce soir Mathis Ghio est en tête suivi de Titouan Galéa et de Cappuzo Franscesco, chez les féminines Flora Artzner suivie de Orane Céris se disputent la première place.

Animation DJ de 14h à 16h30, toute la journée food truck, initiation downwind et salon de l’essai, remise des prix au plus tôt à partir de 16h30.