VIDEO. Forced kiss: « I cannot continue my work… » Luis Rubiales announces that he will soon resign from his position.

l’essentiel La saga Luis Rubiales s’apprête à prendre fin, puisque ce dernier a annoncé, ce dimanche soir dans une interview publiée par le journaliste anglais Piers Morgan, sa démission proche.

Trois semaines après avoir embrassé de force Jennifer Hermoso suite au sacre de l’Espagne en finale de Coupe du monde féminine de football, Luis Rubiales a annoncé sa future démission de son poste de président de la Fédération espagnole de football, ce dimanche 10 septembre dans une interview accordée au journaliste Piers Morgan.

BREAKING: Luis Rubiales has sensationally resigned as President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation following the scandal over him kissing Spain’s Jenni Hermoso at the Women’s World Cup Final. He revealed the news in a world exclusive interview for ⁦@PiersUncensored⁩

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« I will indeed resign because I cannot continue my work. I have discussed this with my father, daughter, and family. They understand that this is not just about me. Close friends have advised me, ‘Luis, you must focus on your dignity and continue your life, otherwise you will hurt the lives of the people you love.’ I have endured all of this for the past three weeks, but it is not solely about me; my attitude can have an impact, » stated the 46-year-old man.

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At the beginning of the week, the Spanish coach Jorge Vilda was dismissed by his leaders. Close to Luis Rubiales, he also caused controversy after being caught touching the chest of a member of his staff. Luis Rubiales, on the other hand, was suspended by FIFA one week after the incident for a period of three months during which he was temporarily suspended from his duties.