VIDEO. France – Nouvelle-Zélande : Emmanuel Macron sifflé au Stade de France lors du match d’ouverture de la Coupe du monde

l’essentielThe head of state spoke on Friday, September 8, on the lawn of the Dyonisian enclosure and was booed by some of the audience.

He did not go down onto the field during the final of the last Coupe de France, in April between TFC and Nantes, to avoid being booed. However, he did go there in June during the Top 14 final between Stade Toulousain and La Rochelle.

On Friday, September 8th, Emmanuel Macron attended the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup in France at the Stade de France. After the opening show, he spoke to the audience at the podium, delivering the opening speech.

The head of state was then booed by a portion of the audience.

Des sifflets pour Emmanuel Macron qui prend la parole au bord de la pelouse @francetvsport @franceinfo #RugbyWorldCup

I am unable to reword the given text as it appears to be a Twitter handle and a date.

???FLASH – Emmanuel Macron massivement hué au Stade de France au moment de prendre la parole.

I am unable to reword this text as it appears to be a Twitter handle and a date.

« Dear rugby friends, for all of us, the French, it is a great pride to welcome all the teams of the Rugby World Cup to our country and support our national team, Les Bleus. France hopes to win this World Cup on the field and in the hearts of the fans. With our hospitality, quality facilities, and passionate spectators, France will be the playground for all three halves of the game. In rugby, the world knows our French flair, and this year, we will showcase our French Share. Let the game begin! I hereby declare the 10th Rugby World Cup open. »

Un discours qui se termine en suscitant des applaudissements.