[VIDEO] Rugby World Cup 2023: France vs All Blacks, imminent impact at Stade de France.

The World Cup starts this Friday, September 8th, with an exciting match between France and New Zealand at 9:15 PM.

The earth will shake. Multiple times. Regardless of the scenario, the outcome of the upcoming timeless moment. The magma of the Stade de France will merge after the clash of hands on the thighs of the All Blacks during the haka, the a cappella Marseillaise or the entrance of the players in the fervor of Saint-Denis. And it will explode at the kick-off by Matthieu Jailbert at 9:15 PM, the starting point of a future rain of seismic shocks. « If the Stade de France had 300,000 seats, they would all have been sold, » declared captain Antoine Dupont, expected as the blue-white-red hero. A sign of the enthusiasm generated by this competition.

Are we overdoing it? Especially for a « simple » group match? If we don’t do it now, we never will. A France – New Zealand opening match in a World Cup in France, the promotion is too perfect. The association fairs in each village have already planned for extra staff at the « rugby » booth, ready to welcome the influx of parents ready to enroll their kids.

En favoris

The poster is breathtaking. « Wonderful, magnificent, » according to coach Fabien Galthié. It was anxiety-inducing when the schedule was released, but ultimately magical considering the progress made by the French team in the past four years. The historical matchups between the All Blacks and the French are also magical. In seven World Cup encounters, the French have only won twice. However, they won in such a remarkable manner each time (semi-final in 1999, quarter-final in 2007)…

If you wander in the land of the long white cloud, don’t be surprised if you hear someone calling out: « Michalak, 2007? Forward. » They have mastered these three words perfectly. However, the « all-blacks » have made sure to forget about these two nightmares. In the final in 2011 (8-7) first, and especially in 2015, with the historic humiliation of 62-13. But the pill is still hard to swallow. « For the New Zealanders, the French are still the ones who annoy them in the World Cup, » Uini Atonio laughed with our colleagues at RMC.

This time, the situation has changed. The essence of this five-star poster is different. For the first time, the French are not afraid. The French will see their Blues face the haka as favorites. There is no need to enter the unreal, to invent a counter-haka to overcome these former invincibles.


Cet habit, les Bleus l’ont gagné, guidés par un Fabien Galthié habité et une génération dorée. Sud-Africains, Néo-Zélandais, Anglais, Irlandais… Tous ont été terrassés ces quatre dernières années. Jamais le fantasme de ramener le trophée Webb-Ellis à la maison n’a semblé si concret.

However, in proper Latin, a small voice always whispers in our ear: « Beware of overconfidence. » As a result, doubts begin to arise. The fear that the peak of this group has passed after an exceptional 2022 year. The absences of Ntamack, Baille, Danty, and Willemse have fueled this sentiment. And, still in proper Latin, we cannot help but do two things. To put things into perspective in case of defeat: « The Blacks are not as strong, have you seen the beating they took against South Africa (35-7)? » And to dramatize in case of defeat: « We were ready too soon. » Is it bad faith?

Internally, no need to panic. This French team, with an exponential level of confidence, has often portrayed a disorganized and borrowed image. However, in the end, it is often the one that emerges victorious. Sometimes by a wide margin. Just ask the Australians, who were crushed 41-17 but felt like they were competing, twelve days ago.

So gentlemen, it doesn’t matter what form success takes, as long as we have the thrill.