[VIDEO] Taxe sur les « super profits » : retour au Sénat d’un amendement qui fait polémique

l’essentielLast year, the majority only escaped a tax on « super profits » thanks to the use of Article 49.3. However, the idea of implementing this tax will once again be brought up during budget discussions. The centrist senators plan to submit an amendment that may spark controversy.

The debate on super dividends could come back to the forefront, but this time through the Palais du Luxembourg. Hervé Marseille, the president of the centrist group, defended the idea of an « exceptional tax » in the face of the « exceptional profits » of gasoline distributors, so that the state can « redistribute » instead of politely asking the boss of Total or any other distributor for a gesture.

« Il est demandé depuis l’an dernier », a déclaré le sénateur, assurant que son groupe proposerait un amendement en ce sens lors des discussions budgétaires de l’automne. Bien qu’il ait peu de chances d’être adopté, cet amendement ne plaît pas du tout à Bercy, dont l’un des ministres affirmait récemment dans La Dépêche : « Je ne pense pas que cette discussion reviendra ».

Mieux taxer le capital

The topic remains highly sensitive within the majority accused of wanting to avoid taxing large companies and favoring them in the name of trickle-down theory. Last year, the debate was even more heated as a Modem amendment on the subject was voted on in the National Assembly against the government’s advice.

This year, Jean-Paul Mattei, the president of the group, is hesitant to try again because « the question arises in light of the price of gasoline and the resulting margins, » assures his entourage. « But the general idea is not to make a move if it has no chance of passing. What Jean-Paul Mattei wants is a better taxation between labor and capital. He is also considering other means such as the ‘flat tax’. But an amendment on super dividends is not completely ruled out, » adds a close associate of the president of the Modem group, who, we are assured, finds the initiative of his Senate counterpart « amusing ». It remains to be seen if Bercy shares the same sense of humor.

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