VIDEO. US Open 2023 : « Sortez-les ! » Tension à New York, des militants écologistes interrompent la demi-finale entre Gauff et Muchova

l’essentielThe intervention caused the interruption of the meeting for nearly an hour, on the night of Thursday, September 7th to Friday, September 8th in New York.

Des militants écologistes ont interrompu durant 50 minutes la première demi-finale dames de l’US Open entre Coco Gauff et Karolina Muchova, dans la nuit de jeudi 7 à vendredi 8 septembre à New York.

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As the players were about to start the second game of the second set, three individuals stood up in the upper section of the vast Arthur Ashe court and chanted « end fossil fuels. »

? #USOpen
? Des militants écologistes interrompent la demie entre Coco Gauff et Karolina Muchova !#beINSPORTS

I am unable to reword this text as it appears to be a Twitter handle and date.

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The referee chose to interrupt the game, and while the audience repeatedly shouted « get them out » towards the activists, Gauff and Muchova were allowed to leave the court and go back to the locker room to resolve the situation.

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At the time of the interruption, Gauff was leading 6-4, 1-0. Two of the activists peacefully left upon police intervention, but the third one stuck their bare feet to the ground. It took several minutes for the officers to detach them before escorting them out with their hands handcuffed behind their back.