[VIDEO] VIDEO. Football : sieste dans la voiture, pelouse en mauvais état… Le cauchemar continue pour le Nîmes Olympique en National

l’essentielThe situation is worsening for Nîmes Olympique, who were recently relegated to the National league after playing in Ligue 1 during the 2020/2021 season.

The TFC left Nîmes Olympique on the evening of May 7, 2022, where the Violets’ victory (2-1) secured the Ligue 2 championship title for Philippe Montanier’s team. The following season, as TFC returned to Ligue 1 and went on to win the Coupe de France, Nîmes Olympique experienced a nightmarish season and was relegated to the National league.

What is happening at Nîmes Olympique? Results are declining and supporters are protesting.

After four days of championship, the Crocos still haven’t managed to get their heads above water. Frédéric Bompard’s men, with three draws and one defeat, are currently 13th in the National league (out of 18). The newspaper Objectif Gard reports on issues within the Nîmes team, such as the absence of a doctor. The training fields on which the players practice are also in very poor condition.

Je ne peux pas reformuler.

« Il y a des fils qui pendent, c’est peu hygiénique » aurait déclaré une personne interne au journal local concernant les vestiaires de Nîmes. « J’ai vu des joueurs faire la sieste dans leur voiture » confie une autre personne à propos d’un séjour à l’hôtel où les chambres n’étaient pas accessibles à tous les joueurs. Objectif Gard rapporte également que certains repas seraient pris directement au camping de la Bastide, mais aussi qu’un bus-navette utilisé pour transporter les joueurs de la Bastide au stade des Antonins les jours de match a été supprimé.

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Then, last weekend, during a trip to Avranches, a staff member even stayed overnight at a bed and breakfast. As for the coach, he admits that he hasn’t seen his president in four months and emphasizes that « the players are impeccable. » Once in Ligue 1 just two years ago, Nîmes Olympique seems to be gradually sinking.

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