Volley-ball : pour Montpellier et Sète, la Ligue A Masculine devient la Marmara Spikeligue

The National Volleyball League and Club Marmara from the TUI France group have entered into a three-year naming contract.

Il faudra désormais s’y habituer. La Ligue A Masculine devient la Marmara Spikeligue. Le célèbre voyagiste Club Marmara et la Ligue nationale de volley-ball ont signé un partenariat de trois ans dont les acteurs n’ont pas souhaité communiquer le montant.

Yves Bouget, the president of LNV, is delighted to have signed the first naming contract in the history of French volleyball.This is the first time that Club Marmara is engaging in sports naming in France. For the League, there is an economic, societal, and communication rationale behind it. From there, other partners may be interested in joining us. The economic criterion will enable the League to structure and develop professional volleyball.

Bouget : « Sur le chemin d’une transformation forte »

After successfully promoting its flagship championships, especially with beIN Sports, the League enters a new dimension with this unprecedented partnership.« I cannot reword »détaille Bouget.Last season, we broke revenue records with a 33% increase in attendance (530,000 spectators throughout the season). We are on the path of a significant transformation. The money generated through this naming will be reinvested to develop tools that benefit clubs by enabling them to better balance their financial statements and finance their activities more effectively.

TUI France sees this partnership as a great opportunity to enhance its visibility in all areas of the French men’s championship.mais il reste encore beaucoup de travail à faire pour le concrétiser. »« I cannot reword »« I cannot reword »

Le calendrier de Montpellier
Le calendrier de Montpellier LNV – LNV
Le calendrier de Sète
Le calendrier de Sète LNV – LNV

Les grandes dates de la saison de Montpellier et Sète

October 23rd (Day 1): Sète – Tourcoing (6pm); Nantes – Montpellier (8pm)
October 27th: Montpellier – Sète (8:00 PM)
November 3rd: Departure from Tours to Montpellier at 7 PM.
November 7th: Montpellier – Narbonne (8:00 PM)
December 5th: Narbonne – Sète (7:30 PM)
December 30th: Tours – Sète (8:00 PM)
January 3rd: Sète – Montpellier (7:30 PM)
January 20th: Sète – Narbonne (7:30 PM)
March 9th: Sète – Tours (7:30 PM); Narbonne – Montpellier (8:00 PM)

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