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Today, it’s time for the categories: Best player in Regional 3 and Fair Play Trophy. Discover all the results on October 13th!

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Killian Maurat.
Killian Maurat.

Killian Maurat (Demi de mêlée – Nissan Colombiers)

He has a nice right foot, he can be nicknamed « Kiki » and he led his team, which plays in blue, to win a title. No, Mbappé did not sign with Nissan-Colombiers, it is Killian Maurat, the star of the two villages. Although he started with football, Killian, now 30 years old, quickly turned to rugby. « I must have been 10 years old when I started at Nissan, » recalls the one who has the particularity of having a father and a grandfather who played for the USNC. Returning last year after studying physiotherapy, the scrum-half had an extraordinary season.

« He recounts how we revived the club after the Covid period, which had forced us to put it on hold due to a lack of members. »
We were neck and neck with Bessan for the qualification for a while, but it was decided in the end. We probably paid the price for having too many injured players throughout the season.
Reversés en Challenge R3 Occitanie, sorte de consolante, les Bleu et Violet vont se révéler tour après tour jusqu’à décrocher le titre régional, sur un coup de pied décisif de Maurat,  pour battre Panjas (19-17). « Ce titre a attiré du monde et pas mal de joueurs nous ont rejoint cette saison, dont mon petit frère, se réjouit le kiné de profession. L’an dernier on était à notre place en Challenge. Là le groupe s’est étoffé on va essayer de choper la qualification cette année. » Le rugby héraultais est prévenu.

Roman Oustric.
Roman Oustric.

Roman Oustric (Demi d’ouverture – Vendargues)

The best player of the best team from Hérault in Regional 3 is named Roman Oustric. The versatile fly-half/center from Vendargues dominated the group stage with his club, finishing in first place without a loss. In 19 matches, the 29-year-old player scored 299 points, including 14 tries. An impressive total that led him to the Terroir final with REV. Against Corneilhan, the Vendargues captain carried his team by scoring 19 points through kicks, including the winning penalty from 45 meters in the corner (34-31).

« I cannot reword »

This season, Roman, who started playing rugby at the end of middle school at RC Jacou, is returning to his training club, where he started as a starter in the 2023-2024 season. « I am coming back to my beloved club to play in Fédérale 3, » he says. He is known for his long kicking game, which will be very useful for his club in the championship. An outstanding entertainer, this tall guy approaching 1.90 meters likes to attack the line and create spaces for his backs.

Gaetan Recoules.
Gaetan Recoules.

Gaëtan Recoules (3e ligne – Corneilhan)

Gaetan Recoules, aged 39, who was unstoppable in tormenting the defenses of Régionale 3 until a few months ago, has made a surprising announcement. The formidable third-line center declares, « This was my final season. »
Wearing a helmet, the warrior from Corneilhan may not have been against re-enlisting, but unfortunately his club in Corneilhan was unable to field a team in the 2023-2024 season. « Several of us former players have stopped, and the club has gone into hibernation for the season, » he explains. « Collectively, we had a good regular season last year, things were going quite well, » says the one who started playing rugby by following his cousins to Murviel 27 years ago. « Then we lost the Terroir final by a hair to Vendargues, followed by two defeats in the Occitanie and France quarterfinals. »

Habitués aux boucliers ces dernières saisons, les “Corneilles” ont terminé le précédent exercice “Fanny”. Une vraie déception pour le numéro 8 qui aurait aimé « ramener un bouclier à “Oreille” (Sébastien Benoit, un ex-coéquipier) », gravement malade et malheureusement décédé mi-août. Cette saison sera t’elle celle du repos pour Gaetan Recoules ? « J’ai des collègues qui me titillent pour que je reprenne dans un autre club… pour l’instant je me repose (rires). »

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