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Midi Libre, le Comité départemental de l’Hérault de rugby et L’Agence vous présentent la 2e édition des Trophées du rugby amateur dans l’Hérault. Votez sur jusqu’au 26 septembre, pour élire vos favoris dans les 15 catégories.
Today, we will focus on the categories: Best sports staff and Social action award. Discover all the results on October 13th!

Plages d'Orb.

Plages d’Orb

Le prix de l’action sociale met en valeur les clubs qui agissent dans des secteurs différents du sportif.
The Rugby Club Plages d’Orb established a « Rugby Adapted » section, which includes introducing rugby to individuals with disabilities, in January 2023.

« We meet once every two weeks in Sérignan, » says Réno Jougla, a specialized educator and player at RCPO, who initiated this section. « I have surrounded myself with two colleagues who are studying to become specialized educators, in order to supervise around thirty adults with disabilities. » The program includes motor skills and team workshops, which the participants enjoy as they discover rugby. « We will resume next week, » adds the manager. « Our goal for this season is to participate in tournaments. »



Arrivé en début de saison passée au RCO Salagou, Mathieu Oliver, joueur chez les Montpellier Sharks, équipe de rugby-fauteuil, a lancé des séances de sensibilisations auprès des jeunes joueurs de Lodève et Clermont–l’Hérault. Des séances d’handi-fauteuil qui permettent aux enfants de comprendre certaines problématiques mais aussi de prendre du plaisir autrement.

Mathieu, who works with children under 6 in the yellow and blue club, is currently pursuing his BPJEPS with a focus on « physical activity for all ». As part of his training, he has had the opportunity to visit schools in nearby villages to discuss disabilities and challenge certain stigmas. A member of the first team, who is also a specialized educator, offers adapted rugby for young people with disabilities, along with their parents. This section has the potential to grow in the coming years.



The rugby school, in its educational project, aims to make rugby accessible to everyone. Therefore, RO Lunel has entered into a partnership with the association « Rebonds! » to promote the inclusion of children from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Additionally, the club has successfully integrated a child with a disability, accompanied by their parents, into one of its categories. A discussion is underway to go beyond the concept of integration and develop an inclusion policy.

During the past year, an agreement was made between ROL and IME de Lunel to welcome 8 children from the living facility every Thursday morning from 10am to 12pm for a period of ten weeks. The sessions were led by a club educator and two specialized educators from IME. This initiative was coordinated by Christine Razon, a specialized educator and volunteer mother within the club.

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