Which candidates are staying in the second round of the Senatorial elections in Pyrénées-Orientales?

The second round is the time for all strategies in this senatorial election.

The second round of the senatorial election will commence at 3:30 PM on Sunday, September 24, 2023.

At the end of the first round, no candidate was directly elected. According to the rules of this election, all nine applicants can maintain their candidacy for the second round.

During the lunch break, between the cheese and dessert, it is the time for all the strategies in each camp of the contenders. For reference, in the first round, the podium is occupied by Lauriane Josende (The Republicans) with 563 votes, Jean Sol (The Republicans and incumbent senator) with 529 votes, and Robert Garrabé (Socialist Party) with 447 votes. Behind them, the candidate of the National Rally, Charles Pons, obtains 234 votes.

Second tour

Les candidats qui se maintiennent au second tour sont :

Lola Beuze (Communiste – 142 voix)
François Ferrand (France Insoumise – 36 voix)
Robert Garrabé (Socialiste – 447 voix)
Lauriane Josende (Les Républicains)
Charles Pons  (Rassemblement national – 234 voix)
Jean Sol (Les Républicains et sénateur sortant – 529 voix)


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