Who will succeed the mayor of Cahors, the new senator of Lot, in the elections?

l’essentielShortly after the official announcement of the senatorial election results, Jean-Marc Vayssouze granted an interview to La Dépêche du Midi.

« I am touched, the election score is quite clear, » reacted Jean-Marc Vayssouze this Sunday afternoon, upon hearing the announcement of the results that elected him to one of the two senator seats in Lot. With 32.93% of the votes cast, the mayor of Cahors and president of Grand Cahors is comfortably elected in the first round of the election. He has already received numerous congratulations, including those from Jean-Claude Requier, the outgoing senator.

« I am deeply honored by the trust of the voters in the department. This election encourages me to remain true to myself: a local representative who listens to the people. It also motivates me to uphold essential values in politics, such as leading by example and being humble, without sacrificing ambition, » shared the socialist elected official.

Starting from Monday, the new senator from Lot will be in Paris.

By seeking this senatorial mandate, Jean-Marc Vayssouze will now take a seat at the Palais Bourbon in Paris. « I am aware that another adventure is beginning, complementing those I have experienced. I want to defend these committed local representatives, many of whom volunteer their time, and who will be needed to face the challenges ahead of us in terms of territorial development, climate change, digitalization, etc., » he stated.

If the start of the school year is scheduled for next Monday, Jean-Marc Vayssouze plans to leave for Paris tomorrow. « Because I want to be efficient as quickly as possible, » he promises, before emphasizing, « I will be a senator who will attend sessions, spending at least three days a week in Paris. »

 » Je soutiens mon 1er« I cannot reword »

What will happen to the mayor’s seat and the president of the agglomeration? « An elected official once told me: the first term is for learning, the second is for action, and the third is for passing on the torch. So three terms is the right number to hand over the reins, » considers the mayor of Cahors. But to whom? « Of course, we have discussed my replacement within the municipal majority. I have confidence in the cohesion of my team. I support my first deputy, Jean-Luc Marx, that’s generally how things go, » Jean-Marc Vayssouze stated before going to celebrate his electoral victory.

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