Why are the French team going to wear white against the All-Blacks in the opening match of the Rugby World Cup?

l’essentielThe French team will wear their second jersey for the launch of the World Cup on Friday, September 8th at the Stade de France (9:15 pm). This decision was not made randomly.

C’est l’équipementier du XV de France, Le Coq Sportif, qui a dévoilé l’information samedi 2 septembre sur X (ex-Twitter).  Pour le match d’ouverture de la Coupe du monde de rugby en France (8 septembre-28 octobre) France – Nouvelle-Zélande au Stade de France (21h15), les Français arboreront leur maillot blanc « extérieur » et non leur traditionnelle tunique bleue.

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« Ready for the shock? Our French team kicks off the adventure next Friday as they face New Zealand for the opening match of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. The competition starts off strong, and the match promises to be epic. Our French XV will be wearing the white jersey, » wrote the brand.

Are you ready for the shock? #FRANZL
Nos ?? démarrent l’aventure dès vendredi prochain, ils affronteront la Nouvelle-Zélande pour le match d’ouverture de cette Coupe du Monde de Rugby 2023. La compétition démarre fort, la rencontre s’annonce titanesque ?
Notre #XVdeFrance arborera… pic.twitter.com/Fi04tt0S5y

I am unable to reword the given text as it is a Twitter handle and date.

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Why did the French have to set aside their traditional royal blue? The decision was actually made several weeks ago, during a draw won by the New Zealanders. The All-Blacks were granted the right to play in their traditional black « home » attire. As a result, the French were forced to use their second set of jerseys.

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During the same successful draw, the New Zealanders were also able to select their dressing room at the Stade de France: they chose to occupy the one usually used by the French team, which is larger.