Why is South Africa playing with a white and turquoise jersey against Scotland in the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

l’essentielWhy is South Africa playing with a white and turquoise jersey instead of their traditional green and gold colors in the match against Scotland this Sunday afternoon?

The South Africa jersey stands out and must have surprised many spectators this Sunday during the match against Scotland (5:45 PM) at the Vélodrome stadium. It features a combination of white and turquoise, quite vibrant, instead of the traditional green and gold colors. But what is the reason behind this decision?

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This jersey complies with the new World Rugby regulations. Indeed, the international federation now requires the two nations competing to wear very different colors. This new rule prohibits both teams from wearing a dark jersey. In this case, between Scotland and South Africa, the dark blue jersey of the Scots prevents the South Africans from wearing their dark green jersey.

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A few months ago, Nike, the supplier of the 2019 world champions, had to create a light jersey for the occasion, which aims to « highlight South African culture, » according to their statements. In the quarter-finals, the South Africans, who could face France or New Zealand, are expected to wear this original jersey.

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