Xavier Bertrand is addressing the issue of the « excess taxes » on fuel, which he intends to « fully return » to the French people.

Xavier Bertrand remains steadfast on the subject of fuel taxes. As a guest on « 4 Vérités » on France 2, on Monday, September 25th, the president of the Hauts-de-France region once again called on the government to redistribute to French citizens the « excess taxes » generated by the increase in fuel prices.

« The government collects much more taxes when the price per liter is 2 euros, as it is currently, than at 1.60 euros, » explained the leader of the political movement Nous France, before adding: « Even the government, reluctantly, acknowledged that in 2022 it was 2 billion euros. And now, in 2023, it’s 2 billion and the year isn’t over yet. »

« I request that the entirety of this surplus be returned to the French people, and that we no longer accept the fatalistic notion of filling up at 2 euros per liter, » he urged. « I do not want the government to profit at the expense of the French, » Xavier Bertrand added.

The day before, Emmanuel Macron referred to this proposal from the president of the Hauts-de-France region during his interview on TF1 and France 2. The President of the Republic indicated that half of these taxes are used to finance the ecological transition, a quarter for social security, and the remaining quarter for the regions. « When I hear regional presidents say that fuel taxes should be lowered, make me a proposal to lower your budgets! » the head of state exclaimed.

Critics. « We didn’t wait for the government to learn how to live by saving, » Xavier Bertrand replied to him on France 2, reminding that local authorities do not have the right to « vote for unbalanced budgets. » The regional president took the opportunity to criticize the renewal in 2024 of the €100 fuel assistance for the most modest workers, a measure announced by Emmanuel Macron on Sunday.

« I cannot reword »

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