A heartfelt relay passage between the former mayor of Cahors, who has now become a senator, and his successor.

l’essentielOne, Jean-Marc Vayssouze, the mayor of Cahors who has become a senator, proudly boasts of having « awakened the sleeping beauty » by revitalizing Cahors. The second, Jean-Luc Marx, the new mayor of the medieval city, declares himself « in love with the city and ready to face major challenges. » The baton was passed on Monday evening with a touch of emotion.

The relay transmission between Jean-Marc Vayssouze, mayor of Cahors until Monday evening, and his first deputy, Jean-Luc Marx, former prefect of Lot from 2009 to 2011, who became mayor, went smoothly, with 28 votes in his favor out of the 32 municipal assembly members.

But this has not been without emotion in the voice and words of Senator Jean-Marc Vayssouze, who did not hesitate to mention « a bit of sadness and a hint of nostalgia in leaving a demanding role, but one that is so exhilarating and rewarding. »

Verdict des urnes : Jean-Luc Marx est le nouveau maire de Cahors.
Election result: Jean-Luc Marx is the new mayor of Cahors.Photo J.-L.G

He also emphasized his feeling of « a sense of calm derived from the sense of duty fulfilled and the satisfaction of having honored my commitments. Those of developing and awakening this city, once called a sleeping beauty. Those of never betraying the values that I believe are essential to mature political practice: exemplarity, ethics, and the absolute requirement to be there to serve the territory and not to serve oneself. »

La reconnaissance à l’égard de ses administrés

Dans sa volonté d’appuyer sa détermination à servir l’intérêt collectif sans arrière-pensée personnelle, le nouveau sénateur du Lot s’est montré humble et parfaitement conscient du chemin accompli.

I am extremely grateful to the people of Cahors for giving me the unlikely opportunity to become their mayor on March 16, 2008, despite my lack of fame or experience.

L’empreinte Vayssouze

Then, reflecting on his record, the former mayor also expressed his satisfaction in leaving behind « the objective imprint of our contribution with my team. An imprint formed through visible projects, inscribed in time due to their innovative and structuring nature: the aquatic complex, the reclaiming of our historic heart (its streets, its squares, its facades), the downtown cinema complex, or the implementation of a free bus network. But also through a less visible yet equally essential imprint in my eyes, with the strengthening of our everyday services: schools, early childhood, municipal police, cleanliness, social centers, or public lighting, services that I wanted to distribute equitably in all neighborhoods and throughout this territory. »

Le sénateur Jean-Marc Vayssouze procède au vote du futur maire.
Le sénateur Jean-Marc Vayssouze procède au vote du futur maire. Photo J.-L.G

Des remerciements appuyés à sa « garde rapprochée » et à sa famille 

Thanking « all the agents of our community » and praising « a careful balance between elected officials and administration, » Jean-Marc Vayssouze did not fail to mention his « close circle » and all of his colleagues. His wife and children have brought him « serenity and support. » They were not forgotten in the senator’s heartfelt and talkative speech on Monday evening.

The new mayor described the succession as a « challenge ».

The word and the emotion at the end are for Jean-Luc Marx: « This passing of the scarf has deeply moved me. I am very sensitive to the profound meaning of this gesture. I will do everything to be worthy of the trust placed in me and to serve my fellow citizens in the general interest. I have experienced many successions in my career, but this one will not be the easiest. It will be a challenge for me, because Jean-Marc, you leave such a mark, a humanity, a mindset, a sense of compromise… It is an unprecedented opportunity for the Lot to have a representative of your quality in the Senate. »

A beautiful tribute to a man and a chapter that comes to an end without turning away from Cahors.

Les huit adjoints et les six conseillers délégués

In addition to the election of the new mayor of Cahors, the municipal council also had to proceed with the appointment of the new deputy mayors.
Each person was able to earn a position in the city’s political organization.
Françoise Faubert est la nouvelle première adjointe et conserve son portefeuille pour la culture, le sport et la vie associative.
Vincent Bouillaguet has become the 2nd deputy in charge of finances and human resources.
Noëlle Boyer : 3e adjointe, garde le portefeuille des solidarités, du handicap et des personnes âgées.
Serge Munte : 4e adjoint, est chargé de la propreté, du stationnement et de la sécurité.
Catherine Bonnet: she is now appointed as the 5th deputy in charge of road management and public space development.
As the 6th deputy, Johan Vacandare is responsible for overseeing the ecological transition and citizen participation.
Hélène Leneveu-Rivière : 7e adjointe, est chargée de la petite enfance et de la vie scolaire.
Abel Rachi, nouveau à cette fonction, occupe le poste de 8e adjoint chargé de l’urbanisme et du foncier, de la reconquête du site patrimonial remarquable, du patrimoine et des mobilités actives.
Voici de surcroît la liste des conseillers municipaux délégués :
Sylvie Caroff : conseillère municipale déléguée au musée Henri-Martin, au théâtre municipal, à la médiation culturelle et aux espaces sociaux.
Denis Pacaud : conseiller municipal délégué à la démocratie participative.
Catherine Bouix : conseillère municipale déléguée aux commerces de centre-ville et de proximité et aux animations commerciales.
Thibault Rouet : conseiller municipal délégué au plan communal de sauvegarde, à la jeunesse et aux aires de jeux pour enfants.
Lionel Guiral : conseiller municipal délégué aux foires et marchés et à la halle alimentaire.
Anne-Céline Daporta : conseillère municipale déléguée à la nature en ville, à la valorisation des berges et de la rivière Lot.

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