Abus de bien social à l’office de tourisme de Juvignac : Arnaud Julien, l’ancien directeur, connaît sa condamnation

Le tribunal judiciaire de Montpellier a sanctionné, ce lundi 16 octobre, Arnaud Julien l’ancien directeur de l’office de tourisme pour abus de confiance et escroquerie pour une affaire remontant à la fin des années 2000. Il fait appel de la décision.

Arnaud Julien, the former director of the tourism office in Juvignac (Hérault) from 2009 to 2013, has been sentenced to six months suspended sentence, a fine of 15,000 euros, and a five-year ban on being eligible and managing a company.

The current departmental secretary of the Republicans in Hérault was being prosecuted for fraud and breach of trust in this case where the former mayor of this town located on the outskirts of Montpellier, Danièle Santonja, who is now deceased, had decided to create and promote a tourism office in the late 2000s.

A report from the regional chamber of accounts, followed by an investigation opened by the prosecutor’s office entrusted to the gendarmes, led to the discovery of these alleged irregularities against Arnaud Julien: excessive phone and travel expenses, unjustified use of paid leave, distribution of free cinema tickets or heavily discounted concert tickets.

De la gabegie et du clientélisme pour la partie civile, l’actuelle municipalité, dénonçant 850 000 € de subventions n’ayant servi qu’à servir de tremplin politique à l’ancien directeur qui a pourtant été battu en 2014 aux municipales de Juvignac.

Il remet en question les faits, cette décision est inattendue.

The prosecution had requested the same suspended sentence of 6 months, denouncing a financing machine with an electoral purpose.

De quoi faire bondir Me Luc Abratkiewicz, l’avocat d’Arnaud qui annonce un appel immédiat.

He disputes the facts, he has always disputed them, he has explained himself, this decision is very surprising.« The criminal lawyer denounces it. ‘The complaint was filed for fictitious employment, but the employment was real. Are we being convicted for movie tickets and vacation stories?' »

Furthermore, the former deputy to finance and the former general director of services have also been sentenced to 6 months of suspended prison, particularly due to the provision of two agents for the same tourist office and the reimbursement of fictitious expenses (for the general director of services).

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