Attaque du Hamas contre Israël : accusé de relayer un appel à la haine, Youcef Atal suspendu « jusqu’à nouvel ordre » par l’OGC Nice

l’essentiel De retour à l’OGC Nice après une trêve internationale disputée avec la sélection algérienne, Youcef Atal a été informé ce mercredi qu’il était suspendu jusqu’à nouvel ordre par son club.

There is a new development in the Youcef Atal case. He has been accused of spreading hate by reposting the words of a preacher who called for « God to send a dark day for Jews. » As a result, the player has been suspended by his club, OGC Nice, as announced on Wednesday. « The club has decided to suspend Youcef Atal indefinitely, » stated a press release.

Communiqué de l’#OGCNice concernant Youcef #Atal ⬇️

— OGC Nice (@ogcnice) October 18, 2023

« Considering the nature and seriousness of the shared publication, the club has decided to immediately impose initial disciplinary sanctions on the player, prior to any that may be decided by sports and judicial authorities, » the Ligue 1 club also stated.

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« I condemn all forms of violence, wherever they may occur in the world, and I stand with all the victims. I will never support a message of hatred. Peace is an ideal that I strongly believe in, » the Algerian international had written on his social media platforms, shortly after, while also offering his apologies.

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On its part, the public prosecutor’s office in Nice has initiated a preliminary investigation for the charges of « apology of terrorism and public incitement to hatred or violence based on a specific religion. » Yesterday, former Lille player Anwar El Ghazi was also sanctioned by his German club, Mainz, and was sidelined after taking a « unacceptable stance on the Middle East conflict for the club. »

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