Capdenac-Gare. Le conseil municipal se réunit ce soir

The first city council meeting of this fall 2023 in Capdenac-Gare is scheduled for Monday, October 2nd at 7 PM. During this meeting, the mayor will highlight a crucial current topic: the launch of a study called « Resources, Needs, Climate ». This study aims to assess the drinking water resources of Capdenac-Gare, in collaboration with the city of Figeac, as part of our efforts to adapt to climate change. During this session of the city council, there will also be discussions about granting two Solidarity subsidies. These subsidies aim to assist Libya and Morocco, two countries that have been affected by recent natural disasters. The corresponding funds will be donated to UNICEF to contribute to relief and reconstruction efforts in these affected regions. Additionally, the agenda will include the review of various grant requests from local associations. Finally, a budgetary decision will also be discussed due to the increase in energy-related costs. This public meeting will take place in the city council chamber. We strongly encourage residents to attend to become aware of the important issues that concern our community.

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