Conseil municipal d’Alès : crispations autour de la situation de Christian Chambon

The issue of the deputy in charge of Education, who has been suspended from his professional duties as the principal of Salindres college, was discussed on Monday evening by a faction of the left-wing members at the municipal council meeting.

Pour sa rentrée, le conseil municipal d’Alès n’avait pas, ce lundi soir, une longue liste de délibérations. Les échanges se sont cependant tendus peu avant la fin de l’assemblée lorsque l’élu communiste Paul Planque évoque la situation de l’adjoint délégué à l’Éducation, Christian Chambon, absent ce soir-là de la réunion. À la veille de la rentrée scolaire, Christian Chambon a été suspendu de ses fonctions de principal du collège de Salindres par le rectorat.

« I cannot reword »

After an initial wave of indignation from the majority side, the first deputy Christophe Rivenq emphasizes that this suspension « has nothing to do » with his duties as an elected official. Justifying his absence as being « summoned to a meeting, » « Mr. Chambon is not on trial in this matter. »

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La gauche divisée

Paul Planque further emphasizes the point, stating that it is « inappropriate to continue to associate with a suspended person. » He criticizes Max Roustan for not taking action « as a precautionary measure » in this situation. The mayor dismisses the question, highlighting the separation between the two roles.

Not all of Paul Planque’s neighbors share his position in the opposition. « I am shocked that it is being mentioned in this assembly. It should be discussed at a professional level, not as an elected official, » emphasizes socialist Arnaud Bord.

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