Coupe de France : l’ACFC fait respecter la hiérarchie

Frédéric Jarry, le coach de l’Avenir 79, avait prévu d’attendre l’adversaire, sachant…

Frédéric Jarry, the coach of Avenir 79, had planned to wait for the opponent, knowing that his team would not have possession of the ball. What we will never know is if the course of the game could have changed if the Charentais had not scored after two minutes. On a silly free kick conceded near the corner point, the excellent Buisson placed the ball on Marques’ head, who deceived Querrioux (2nd minute). This made the task more difficult for the home team and easier for David Giguel’s players, who may not have necessarily needed it.

From then on, the Charentais settled in the opposing camp and completely monopolized the ball. Bentayou could have doubled the score, but his header grazed the frame (8th minute). However, on a pass from Mourabit, Buisson’s instant shot hit the mark (24th minute). Willock’s curled strike showcased Querrioux’s brilliance, and then Marchesseau added a third goal just before halftime from a corner kick by Buisson, who was equally comfortable with both feet (41st minute).

« The guys have put in a lot of seriousness. »

Upon returning from the locker room, Marques came close to scoring a double. However, he was unable to keep his shot on target after yet another corner from Buisson, who had taken over the captain’s armband after Lobo was substituted at halftime (53rd minute). It took until the 60th minute for F. Hinschberger’s teammates to earn their first corner. But they were on the verge of being punished by a swift counterattack that followed.

The visitors were significantly superior in the game, and they also excelled in set pieces. A free kick from Buisson, this time with his right foot, was successfully converted by Coulibaly (72nd minute). Just like Fabien’s header, from a corner taken by Buisson with his left foot (81st minute). The Deux-Sévriens had no chance, except to leave with their heads held high, amidst a guard of honor graciously offered by their opponent.

« I cannot reword »

He continued, « I don’t have a lot of regrets, except that I believe we could have done better than conceding five goals. We didn’t concede fifty waves either, everything was well organized. What put us in trouble were the set pieces. But what else could we do except wait for them a bit? If we don’t wait, we’ll concede three consecutive waves. We can only acknowledge that it’s a different level. »

« The Coupe de France is such a special competition that at each round where we face a team, I make it a duty to study our opponents, » recalled David Giguel, the coach of ACFC. « Because it is a competition where if we lack humility, we can quickly become the surprise of the round, and we do not want to be the surprise of the round. »

He concluded: « We had indeed studied this team well, but the guys also put a lot of effort into what they did. We approached the match with a lot of humility, but also with ambition, which allowed us to win this game in a great way. »

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