Elsa Bougeard, élue de l’opposition, annonce sa démission du conseil municipal de Cahors

l’essentielOn Monday evening, taking the opportunity to speak at the municipal council meeting dedicated to the election of the new mayor of Cahors, opposition member Elsa Bougeard (Cap à Gauche) announced her resignation and explained the specific personal and political reasons that motivated her decision.

Elsa Bougeard (tête de la liste Cap à Gaucheà Cahors) abandonne sa fonction de conseillère de l’opposition à Cahors. Elle s’en explique avec justesse et sincérité.

« Our municipal council was installed 3 years ago already. I had the honor of representing, as the head of the list, a collective composed of activists from associations and unions, the PCF, France Insoumise, Génération. S, and Ensemble. This list was built around a program carrying socially, environmentally, and democratically ambitious proposals. I have worked diligently to fulfill this mandate with seriousness, rigor, and sincerity. I thank my fellow candidates who were present by my side during the preparation of the council meetings to propose, amend, and oppose when necessary, remaining faithful to what we had promised to the voters and always in a constructive spirit. »

The shortcomings of the local elected official status hinder political involvement.

Elsa Bougeard poursuit en assumant un acte mesuré et pesé.
« I am happy to make way for our second candidate on the list. There are several reasons for this handover. Firstly, personal reasons as my responsibilities have increased. I will always be active within Cap à Gauche to contribute to the work during this term, but I no longer have sufficient availability in the evenings to attend regularly, at least not to the extent that I believe is necessary for fulfilling a mandate. Being an active elected official is not always easy to reconcile with professional obligations and personal life, as you know. The shortcomings of the status of local elected officials are a barrier to engagement in political life, particularly for women but also for employees and workers, » she declares with the sincerity that characterized each of her interventions in the municipal council sessions.

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A forward-looking dynamic

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