Emmanuel Macron en Lot-et-Garonne : un contrôle routier mené par le Président

l’essentiel Emmanuel Macron a patrouillé entre midi et deux avec les gendarmes du Lot-et-Garonne. Il a effectué un contrôle routier sur la RD 120.

Since noon, Emmanuel Macron has been in Lot-et-Garonne, where he was welcomed at La Garenne airport in Agen by Renaissance deputy Michel Lauzzana and Agen mayor Jean Dionis. He then headed to Damazan, accompanied by the Minister of the Interior. They visited the gendarmerie, shook hands with a few people, and had conversations with the military personnel.

He then got into a police vehicle to perform a symbolic road check on RD 120, in the town of Villeton. He himself used the radar. 58 km/h, 46 km/h, there was no spectacular speeding. There was nothing significant to report in a department where road safety is a major issue.

While heat records have been falling in the department since yesterday, President Macron has taken off his jacket. In the village of Villeton, he engaged in a conversation with children near a school.
He then went to Clairac to film an interview that will be broadcasted tonight on France 3. The choice of Clairac may not be a coincidence. There are rumors that Clairac could be one of the three municipalities in the 47 department to host a new gendarmerie brigade.

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