EXCLUSIF. Florian Grill : « Fabien Galthié est l’homme de la situation », le président de la FFR fait le bilan et se projette

Le président de la Fédération française de rugby, le Montpelliérain Florian Grill, tire un premier bilan de la Coupe du monde des Bleus, quelques heures après l’élimination en quart de finale contre l’Afrique du Sud (28-29).

Comment vous sentez-vous quelques heures après l’élimination de l’équipe de France ?

I feel a great disappointment for the players and the staff led by Fabien (Galthié). It is important not to overshadow the exceptional four years we have experienced. We are at a very high level, it is a close game. I am convinced that at the professional level, Fabien will draw conclusions from this competition and discuss it with the players.

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Quelles conclusions tirez-vous, de votre côté ?

We need to have the same level of professionalism at the Federation as we do within the French team. We are politically insignificant on the international stage. The Federation doesn’t have enough influence. It’s crazy. We have no one on the World Rugby board. We are absent from the committees. We only have one field referee in the competition. We must not be naive. Everything matters to become world champions. We are not yet at that level. The task is enormous, starting with revitalizing rugby from the grassroots. You know this, I repeat it to you regularly.

Merci à nos bleus et au staff. Ils ont incarné comme jamais les valeurs du rugby : respect, solidarité, loyauté, esprit d’équipe, résilience aussi. Des valeurs dont la société a besoin et qui doivent nous réunir. Le résultat d’un soir ne remet pas en cause le travail de 4 années! https://t.co/YQs4wASKse

— Florian Grill (@floriangrill) October 16, 2023

Avez-vous remarqué des effets positifs de cette Coupe du Monde ?

The World Cup has demonstrated the country’s enthusiasm for rugby and the values it promotes. That’s the positive aspect. Continuing with this positive legacy, we have a young French team. And Fabien Galthié is the right person for the future. It is up to us, the Federation, to rise to the challenge.

Avez-vous ressenti une éventuelle envie de démission chez Fabien Galthié ?

No, no. With Jean-Marc Lhermet (vice-president of the FFR in charge of the French teams), we made a great discovery with Fabien, whom I didn’t personally know. We are completely convinced by his work. In three months, I have seen a very high level of expertise in all areas from a sports perspective. And at the same time, an immense human effort. This group has not disintegrated. However, in a period like this, in a World Cup in France, the risks of implosion exist. It is a sign of a great manager. We have the right person. And I would like to add something else.

On vous écoute.

We have formed strong bonds with the National Rugby League. We want to take advantage of all the benefits of this World Cup in terms of rugby’s image. We are showing great unity internationally. It is important for all national bodies to be on par internationally. All these details matter in a World Cup. And I am not referring to the refereeing when I say that.

I am not in a mindset of restriction, but in a mindset of investment.

Quelle est votre opinion sur l’arbitrage de Ben O’Keeffe dimanche soir ?

Ce n’est pas mon rôle de parler d’une décision arbitrale. Par contre, c’est une nécessité pour l’instance fédérale et la Ligue d’avoir du poids à l’international. Quand ça se joue comme ça à un point, tout compte.

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Can the budget allocated to the French team decrease in the future, considering that the Federation is currently in a significant deficit of 20 million euros?

No. I will find budgetary solutions. I am not in a mindset of restriction, but in a mindset of investment. Our current figures are not good. But we have already found ways to remedy that, which are heading in the right direction. We were right to bet on this French team. A one-point defeat will not question everything.

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