For former Millau mayor Christophe Saint-Pierre, « we are falling into manipulation. »

On Monday evening, former mayor of Millau Christophe Saint-Pierre, along with the members of his opposition group, expressed their opinions.

Front uni. Ce lundi soir, à l’étage d’une brasserie du centre-ville millavois, les sept élus d’opposition du groupe Millau en action ont, médiatiquement, tenu à dire leurs sentiments sur les récents soubresauts (doux euphémisme !) de la vie politique municipale. Premier, et principal sabreur, l’ancien maire Christophe Saint-Pierre évidemment. « L’origine du sujet est le malaise de l’équipe majoritaire d’Emmanuelle Gazel depuis, a minima, un an et demi. Le point d’orgue a été atteint avec la démission de sept élus dont trois adjointes. Et ce n’est pas l’opposition qui a déclenché tout cela mais le mode de fonctionnement d’Emmanuelle Gazel qui n’est pas victime mais actrice des événements. »

My responsibility is not to create a buzz.

During this political turmoil, the former mayor and the members of his group expressed their concerns. « We questioned the attitude we should adopt. Our position, in the end, was clear in that we have been denouncing the Mayor’s way of functioning towards the opposition in city council for months. » Did they consider disrupting the electoral calendar? « If there is a legal possibility to go back to the polls… it’s not a coup d’état. If Emmanuelle Gazel was so confident in her plans and legitimacy, she had no risk in presenting herself to the voters. »

« Il y a un projet ambitieux qui manque. »

Before the city council meeting on Thursday, October 5th, and Emmanuelle Gazel’s mid-term public meeting on Wednesday, October 4th, Christophe Saint-Pierre « believes, of course, that the city is lacking a central and ambitious project. We have the feeling that all the inconveniences today stem from the fact that at the beginning of their term, they were not able to establish a backbone. I’m thinking about the bike lanes. The ones on Fraternité Street start from nothing and lead to nothing. This demonstrates a lack of reflection in terms of mobility planning. » The former mayor also recalls « Emmanuelle Gazel’s inaugural phase. Except she forgets to mention that the inaugurated projects were launched by the previous majority! Especially within the framework of the Millau 2030 program, which she mocked by calling it a letter to Santa Claus. However, today, if it weren’t for that letter, she wouldn’t have anything to inaugurate on her own initiative. »

Instead of « this large-scale referendum » which could have made possible the resignation of a third of the municipal council that the departure of the members of the Millau en action group would not have, according to Christophe Saint-Pierre, made effective. « My responsibility is not to create buzz! »
Un épisode qui, politiquement, « laissera des traces dans la légitimité de Madame Gazel qui a fait exploser en plein vol sa propre majorité. Le Parti Communiste comme des élus écologistes ont pris leur distance. Au final ne restent que les seuls membres du Parti Socialiste. »

Christelle Sudres-Baltrons stated that we have been deliberately lied to.

Christelle Sudres-Baltrons and Alain Neyrac both commented on the tone of the municipal council meeting on Monday, September 25. The first expressed that trust has been broken, stating that we have been deliberately lied to, truths have been hidden from us, and we have been taken for fools. However, there is a possibility that this trust can be regained by the end of the term.

The second person confesses that they may have been overwhelmed by my personality. However, working in an environment of constant mistrust and lies, at some point, I can no longer vote on deliberations. » Finally, prior to the municipal council meeting on Thursday, October 5th, where the appointment of a new deputy will be voted on, Christophe Saint-Pierre announces that his group will vote against it. « Reducing the number of deputies from ten to eight… is a manipulation. »

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