Frédéric Dabi, directeur de l’Ifop : « Ce qui me surprend, c’est à quel point l’intercommunalité s’installe à Nîmes »

On Thursday, October 19th, Frédéric Dabi, the general director of the polling institute Ifop, revealed the findings of the public policy and governance satisfaction survey of the Nîmes Agglomeration.

Réalisée par téléphone entre le 26 juin et le 1er juillet dernier et menée auprès d’un échantillon de 804 personnes, cette enquête réalisée par l’Institut français d’opinion publique est à prendre au sérieux par les élus locaux.

During Frank Proust’s term as the president of Nîmes Métropole, which began in 2020, what does this survey on the opinion of the residents of the Nîmes community and their satisfaction with their intercommunality reveal?

Des réponses conformes au reste de la population française

« In general, the given results are similar to those found in surveys conducted in various cities in France. »Frédéric Dabi began by explaining that this survey aimed to gauge the knowledge of the population in and around Nîmes regarding the metropolis as well as their understanding of this complex territorial structure.

« 80 percent of the surveyed residents are aware that their municipality is part of an intermunicipal entity. »The director of Ifop explains.Compared to a national average established at 70%, this figure is significantly higher than what can be found elsewhere in France..

Regarding the name of the intermunicipal structure to which the residents of the metropolis belong, 54% were able to spontaneously mention the exact name of their intermunicipality.« Il s’agit d’un nombre légèrement inférieur à la moyenne nationale, qui est de 55 % dans les communautés d’agglomérations. »« I cannot reword. »

8 habitants sur 10 satisfaits

Among the surveyed individuals who are over 18 years old, 79% believe that their intermunicipal cooperation is beneficial for their municipality and they are satisfied with the quality of life they enjoy.« I cannot reword »souligne-t-il.Furthermore, the significance of the work carried out by the intermunicipal structure and its president is significantly higher than the national average on various important subjects such as wastewater treatment and the collection and disposal of household waste.The French political analyst concluded.

Through this survey, it is evident that the residents of the Agglo have understood the influence of intercommunality on their quality of life. The indicators are positive and often surpass the national average.

87 % des sondés satisfaits

At the halfway point of his term, the president of the Nîmes agglomeration is experiencing a certain level of success among the consulted residents. According to the conducted survey, the numbers demonstrate that Franck Proust embodies and uplifts the various indicators presented today.

To illustrate this point, the Ifop survey reveals that 87% of residents are satisfied with Franck Proust’s presidency at the helm of the Agglo, compared to a national average of 71%.

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