Harcèlement scolaire : Kilian Vaysse en Suède cette semaine pour s’inspirer de la méthode suédoise

l’essentielThe president of the association against discrimination and school harassment in the Lot department is traveling to Stockholm from Tuesday to Thursday to bring back the « magic recipe » against harassment in this country, which has a particularly low rate. He will present his experience to the Minister of National Education and the Prime Minister.

Kilian Vaysse continues to travel. After the presentation of the interministerial plan to combat school bullying on September 27, in the presence of Elisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister, and Gabriel Attal, the Minister of National Education, the activist from Lot is flying to Sweden this week. From Tuesday to Thursday, the young president of the association fighting against discrimination and school bullying (ACDH), accompanied by La Dépêche du Midi, will meet with representatives from the academy inspection and the Ministry of National Education in Stockholm. They will also meet with a representative from a project against violence and school bullying conducted in public schools in the city.

He will also visit a school. A packed program that should allow him, he hopes, to bring back in his suitcase « the magic formula » to combat the scourge of harassment. A miracle recipe that allows Sweden to have only 2% of harassment cases while France has nearly 10%. « They have implemented methods that seem to work for years, like the one from psychologist Anatol Pikas, which is based on shared concern, » explains Kilian Vaysse.

Le sommeil, l’uniforme, le rythme scolaire… 

Une méthode qui consiste à isoler l’auteur de harcèlement, lui expliquer son son camarade victime ne se sent pas bien et le questionner sans l’accuser. « This is a good solution that France has been trying to adopt for a while, » notes the president. Another line of thought is the school schedule. « We know that the schedule greatly influences children’s behavior. In Sweden, students have classes from 8 am to 2 pm, with afternoons dedicated to workshops such as gardening, sewing, etc. They may have fewer school holidays, but they are given room to breathe, so there is no tension spiral. They spend less time together, which may explain why there is less violence, » analyzes the person from Lot. « The schedule and lifestyle also play a role in bullying. According to my research, Swedes go to bed earlier and have better quality sleep, » he adds.

Regarding empathy courses, the method seems more specific to Denmark. « We tend to include all Scandinavian countries, but each has its own techniques to combat bullying, » notes Kilian. In Sweden, empathy courses are still offered to students but in a different form. « I am very curious to see what it looks like. If it is concrete enough, I plan to draw inspiration from it and implement it within my association and at the local level, » he further explains. For example, he envisions training volunteers from his association to intervene in schools in Lot. But let’s not rush things: for now, Kilian Vaysse has more questions than answers.

He also wants to know if the uniform is mandatory in this Scandinavian country. He, who is in favor of it: « It plays a role in the phenomenon of school bullying, as the way of dressing is sometimes a reason for bullies, with the uniform we could close the door to certain remarks. » The activist has high expectations for this educational model « which manages to constantly renew itself, unlike the French system. » From his trip, he plans to bring back some measures to implement in the Lot. But he also plans to write a report for the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Education. « Gabriel Attal seemed particularly interested in my trip to Sweden, especially since he just returned from Denmark, » he observes.

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