« I am unsure if I will be the lead candidate, » after the resignations, it is now time for the municipal elections in Aubin.

l’essentielOne week after the announcement of eight resignations within the municipal council, the majority is moving towards a three-way split more divided than ever.

« We could have continued like this until the end of the term, but we feel dishonest towards those who elected us. We are ready to question our election and defer to the people of Aubin. » After the announcement of eight resignations – four deputies and four counselors – among the elected officials close to Mayor Michel Baert, he and his remaining supporters are awaiting the highly likely dissolution of the municipal council and the announcement of early elections. « It was looming, we had been thinking about it for a while. We considered who should remain in office based on strategic positions, » explains Lionel Aulanier, deputy in charge of youth, who remains in place but now fears their isolation until the next elections.

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Within the majority today, two « clans » are indeed opposing each other: those who support the current mayor and those who support the former mayor and current deputy Laurent Alexandre. A division that many struggle to explain the origin of, as they mutually blame each other within the group, which was elected in March 2020 with 65% of the votes.

« I cannot reword »

La quasi-totalité des sièges aubinois au conseil communautaires étant occupés par des opposants au maire, la situation met à rude épreuve la cohérence entre la politique de la ville, dont la vice-présidente de Decazeville communauté Christine Teulier se dit aujourd’hui écartée, et les décisions prises pour Aubin au sein de cette même instance, « sans concertation avec la mairie » selon le maire Michel Baert. Par ses élections anticipées, ce dernier espère ainsi « reprendre en main le destin d’Aubin à la Communauté de communes ».

Une élection tripartite en perspective

In the background, and even though nothing has been officially announced by the prefecture – the administration recorded six resignations on Thursday, with two others still being processed -, the three groups are therefore preparing for new elections. « We want to continue the work we had started. […] There is a strong chance that I will be at the top of the list, » says Christine Teulier. « But the decision will be made in agreement with the members of this list, » responds the 2nd deputy who had already expressed her interest, in vain, in succeeding Laurent Alexandre in 2022. The latter assures that he will be « very active in ensuring that this list wins. »

Within the opposition, we are also prepared. « We are discussing, organizing ourselves. We are ready to engage in this election, » comments André Martinez, who rules out any alliance. « In the current mindset, we should not reject people on our list to associate with those we have been opposed to for the past 3 years. »

Même fermeté du côté de Michel Baert qui rejette toute idée d’alliance de circonstance, sans se positionner encore comme un candidat. « Je n’ai pas la carapace d’un politique […]. La motivation je l’ai, mais l’envie je n’en sais rien. Je suis dégoûté de ce qui est arrivé […]. Je ne sais pas si je serai tête de liste. »

Des remous à Decazeville communauté

However, beyond the municipality, these highly likely early elections should be followed throughout the Basin. Their outcome could indeed disrupt the balance within the intermunicipal body, where 6 elected officials from Aubin sit. « If there were to be elections and if the opposition were to win, it would reshuffle the deck in the community of municipalities. […] It is possible that alliances may fall, » analyzes former mayor and president of Decazeville Communauté André Martinez.

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