« I cannot reword »

After the last municipal council meeting held on October 3rd, the opposition group, represented by Marcel Lopez, expressed their reaction on several issues.

Tarif de l’ALAE

After receiving complaints from several families, we have realized that this pricing should have been reviewed by the members of the after-school commission beforehand.

Plan pluriannuel d’investissements

Voilà deux budgets que ce plan n’est pas mis à l’ordre du jour. Or, c’est par cette mesure budgétaire que s’organisent les réalisations de la commune. Nous avons demandé de le mettre à l’ordre du jour du budget 2024, avec en priorité le projet de vestiaires du club de football local.

Piscine municipale

Depuis le début nous avons affirmé toute notre conviction pour qu’elle soit réhabilitée dans sa fonction première « un bien public pour tous » et que les réparations nécessaires soient effectuées. Dans la même veine, on nous a indiqué que l’étanchéité du bassin du Courbas sera réalisée avant le 30 octobre.

École de Laborie

The director informed us about the various initiatives that took place there, especially the children’s trip to Toulouse, so that they could see the traffic in a big city. Thanks to a parent, they were provided with yellow vests to ensure their safety during the journey. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t take the train, as it was not allowed for this occasion.

Groupe Paul Delpech

In continuation of the discussion regarding the safety of children and parents during school drop-offs and pick-ups, we have suggested conducting a study on implementing a « new entrance » located at the back of the school (near the cafeteria and basketball court). If feasible, this would help avoid car traffic and crossing the busy former N20 road during peak hours.

Patrimoine de la commune

We have requested an inventory to be conducted in order to control its allocation: installations such as photovoltaic panels, for example. It would also be a good idea to list the « ownerless assets » as many houses are abandoned, which would hold the owners accountable and create housing for new residents. Additionally, we have discussed the future of the « elderly home ». The seniors regret not being able to gather there as they used to. A proposal for sale or repurchase has been made to the other two owners, but no response has been received.

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