« I cannot reword »

Interview with Lorenzo Tubertini, Italian coach of Montpellier, who opens up four days before the start of the French championship season.

Lorenzo, qui êtes-vous ?

I am an Italian coach, born in Modena. I come from a humble background, in a family rich in values. We lived in the countryside, my father was a worker and my mother worked in a school. I studied mechanics. Today, I work in the volleyball industry, a sport that allows me to discover new things every day. At the age of 17, I started getting my coaching certifications and coached female teams for ten years before moving on to coaching male teams. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best players in the world, especially in Modena.

Après avoir occupé le poste d’entraîneur adjoint à Narbonne pendant une saison, vous avez récemment été engagé en tant qu’entraîneur principal à Montpellier cet été.

Destiny has brought me to France, which I believe is the ideal country for me to continue progressing. It is a country that respects its coaches and their ideas, unlike Italy where it is impossible to work under the pressure of leaders and sponsors without immediate results. Today, I find myself in the beautiful city of Montpellier, leading this great club. It is a challenge with a new language and a different culture, but I have found here a group of young players who are very strong, ambitious, and full of energy. The team is still in the process of coming together, but when the squad is complete, I am confident that we will be very competitive.

Quel type d’entraîneur êtes-vous ?

Modern volleyball is centered around speed and technique. Each club establishes its own system, and the quality of the players is what sets them apart. I enjoy studying the game, as I believe that every detail is important. It is crucial to be an active participant in the game rather than passively experiencing it. I have played at an amateur level and pursued studies to become a physical education teacher. Since I have never been a professional player, I have a more objective perspective on volleyball, offering a broader view on technical and tactical aspects.

Quels sont vos buts pour cette saison avec l’équipe de volley du MHSC ?

It is complicated because I do not yet have my full team. Some are in the process of recovering from injuries and we are still far from being at 100%. I came to Montpellier because I have the ambition to win titles, especially to shine at the European level. I respect all clubs, the beginnings will certainly be difficult because I need time to shape my group and get the best out of them. Let’s try to start the championship well to put ourselves on the right track.

Après avoir joué à Nantes samedi dernier pour le début du championnat, vous affronterez l’équipe de l’Arago Sète lors de votre premier match à domicile. Il s’agira donc d’un derby.

This will be a significant game, but it will only be a match. We are not yet sure of our exact position, but I firmly believe that my team will fight with all their strength. Not just because it is a derby, but because it is the image we want to portray this season.

Tubertini en bref

Born on June 1, 1976 (47 years old)
Coaching career: Modena (2002-2005, 2013-2017), Mantova (2005-2008), Cisterna (2020-2021), Siena (2021-2022), Narbonne (2022-2023), Montpellier since this summer.
Achievements: Runner-up in the 2003 European Championship and winner of the 2016 Italian Championship, victorious in the 2015 and 2016 Italian Cup.

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