« I cannot reword »

A Paris, le 8 octobre 2023.

Accompanied by effective word-of-mouth and driven by strong current events, the first issue of La Tribune Dimanche (LTD), on October 8th, made a successful debut in newsstands. According to a press release from La Tribune group (owned by Whynot Media, the media subsidiary of CMA CGM group led by shipowner Rodolphe Saadé), on Thursday, October 19th, « nearly 41,000 » copies were sold. A few days before its release, and especially before Hamas launched its offensive on Israel, LTD’s management was expecting 30,000 sales.

Last week’s initial estimates indicated a possible sales rate of 70% in Paris and 50% nationwide. These proportions are encouraging, considering that the average newspaper sales rate is around 53-55%. « The meeting between La Tribune Dimanche and its readers has indeed taken place, » President of LTD Jean-Christophe Tortora and CEO Tatiana de Francqueville said in a statement, expressing their satisfaction.

According to an internal source, Le Journal du Dimanche reportedly attracted around 46,000 buyers, similar to the previous three Sundays. Last week, Lagardère Publicité News President Marie-Renoir-Couteau stated that September sales had reached a level equivalent to that of June, seeing it as a sign that the appointment of former editor-in-chief of Valeurs Actuelles, Geoffroy Lejeune, had not driven away readers.

« I cannot reword »

Compared to September 2022, however, the decline in sales of JDD is currently intensifying. « This decrease is 15%, while the market itself is experiencing a decrease of 13%, » clarifies the Lagardère group, the current owner of the title being acquired by Vivendi, refuting any scenario of a sudden collapse.

On the other hand, Le Parisien Dimanche of October 8th performed better, with a 4% increase in sales compared to previous Sundays – down 8% from early October 2022 – according to internal figures circulating. With an additional 2,500 copies sold, approximately 60,000 Le Parisien Dimanche-Aujourd’hui en France would have been sold on this hot news Sunday.

« I cannot reword »

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