« I will change my accent depending on the winner, » Brian Liebenberg was found in Sète, referring to the France-South Africa match.

Installé à Sète depuis 2015, l’ancien international français de rugby Brian Liebenberg est né en Afrique du Sud, mais il n’est pas vraiment partagé sur le quart de finale de la Coupe du monde.

Between the capes of Sète and Good Hope, there is a significant distance of 8,774.55 km. However, at least two residents of Sète have strong connections between these two regions. Two men who grew up – it’s unusual – in the same mining town of Benoni with a nine-year age difference. There is the artist painter Karl Gietl, but in this period of the Rugby World Cup and a heated quarter-final between France and South Africa, there is especially Brian Liebenberg.

Brian Liebenberg lors d’un événement avant l’un des matchs de la Coupe du monde.
Brian Liebenberg lors d’un événement avant l’un des matchs de la Coupe du monde.

Triple champion de France, un Grand Chelem

The rugby player, playing as a center, left his homeland at the age of 18 to represent the Italian club Piacenza, and later Grenoble. From 2002 to 2011, he became a prominent figure of the successful Stade Français team, winning the French championship three times and reaching the final of the European Cup. Brian Liebenberg’s consecutive appearances in the French championship allowed him to become a naturalized citizen and play for the French national team. He made his debut in the World Cup in 2003 and was selected 12 times, including being part of the Grand Slam-winning team in 2004.« I am fully supportive of the French rugby team. I left my native country at a young age. »« I cannot reword. »

I support the French.

His family and friends are still there. So lately, the phone conversations have been a bit more heated than usual. And it’s actually Brian who’s joking around (not sure if they know this verb at the end of Africa).In situations like these, you may feel somewhat conflicted. However, I am in favor of the French.« I cannot reword »« I will change my accent depending on the winner, in any case. »« I cannot reword. »« I will be happy for the winning team, but it will be the French team. ». Et de vanter, plus largement, l’immense « respect » qu’il y a entre les supporters de toutes les nations engagées.« The guys from both teams gather, have a good drink, and watch the game together. That’s what’s great, this respect. »

Je ne peux pas reformuler.

When Brian Liebenberg, who is now 44 years old, moved to Sète in 2015, it marked the beginning of his company Catch & Think. At that time, he offered a rugby ball with action pictograms to be performed based on the symbol located under the thumb (pass to the left, kick…). Since then, the French international has expanded his business into attentional capacity training for various sports.« We will be opening a training center in Crete with workshops approved by a neurologist. », dit-il. We will have the judo federation, as well as players from table tennis, tennis, golf, and various sports who will come to work on the mental aspect and enhance cognitive development..

Marqué par le soutien du public

However, Brian Liebenberg, despite his optimism, does not believe that the success of the French team will be easy.On that side of the table, there are the best teams in the world. And this quarterfinal between the French and South Africa is a final before its time. However, South Africa was defeated by Ireland in the last pool match. There was a serious questioning. It is never good to face South Africa after questioning. Facing them in the next match, especially after a strong reprimand, will be complicated for the French team. But they can rely on the atmosphere and support of the crowd, which can change everything. The French team has been relying on tremendous popular support since the beginning.After attending fifteen World Cup matches at the stadium, Brian will watch this one on television. And he will refine his French accent, needless to say.

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