In Chamborigaud, located in the Cévennes region, the town hall is experiencing a series of resignations.

Partial municipal elections will be organized in November following several departures among the elected officials of the municipality.

There will soon be new elections in Chamborigaud to fill the significant vacancy observed in its municipal council. Partial municipal elections are scheduled for November 19 and 26, in accordance with the law: if more than one-third of the council members are lost, citizens are called to vote again.

Cinq départs coups après coups

In Chamborigaud, the municipal council usually consists of fifteen elected officials. However, since September, there are only ten remaining. « Usually, resignations are the result of disagreements, » acknowledges Mayor Émile Corbier. « But this time, I had never seen anything like it. »

The « it » in question: a series of resignations, seemingly due to personal situations or coincidences. In 2021, according to the official, a first councilor resigns to leave Chamborigaud and join her family in Orange. Two months later, another one also leaves the village for Montpellier. A similar situation occurs later on, with an official moving for professional reasons.

Un quatrième, qui comptait construire sa maison sur un terrain de la commune, s’est vu sa demande de permis de construire refusée par la DDTM. « Il en a été tellement contrarié qu’il est parti vivre à Rousson. »

Last September, the council had eleven members. Until the day when another councilor also decides to leave the municipal adventure to join his partner, who resides in Morocco for a large part of the year. « It is his departure that triggered the procedure. »

Une liste déjà connue

In late November, the residents of Chamborigaud will go back to the voting booth to choose between the candidates competing for these five vacant positions. « We are presenting a list, » says Émile Corbier on behalf of his majority, who specifies that their five candidates were found without any difficulties.

It remains to be seen if other names may arise to compete for the positions, as it is still possible and allowed. « There may be isolated candidacies, » the mayor admits, although if there are opponents, it would not pose a challenge to his majority.

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